How to play dark souls 3 on pc with ps4 controller

If you’re looking to play dark souls 3 on your pc with a ps4 controller, then you’ll want to read this guide. In it, we’ll show you how to set up the controller and gamepad, as well as how to perform some basic controls. So whether you’re a fan of the Souls series or just looking for some tips on playing a game on your computer, read on!

Can you play ds3 on PC with PS4 controller?

Many people are wondering if they can play Dark Souls III on their PC with the PS4 controller. The answer is yes, but there are a few things that you need to do in order to make it work.

First, you need to install the driver for the PS4 controller. You can find the driver on the PlayStation website. Once you have installed the driver, you need to configure your PC so that it recognizes the controller. To do this, open up Windows 10 and search for “Controller” in the search bar. When Controller appears as a result, right-click on it and select “Options.” In the Options window, click on the “Devices” tab and select the PS4 controller from the list. Finally, make sure that “Use gamepads as standard controllers” is selected and click on OK.

Once you have configured your PC to recognize the controller, you can start playing Dark Souls III. To play with a mouse and keyboard, you will need to install additional software such as Xpadder or Joy2key.

Can you play Dark Souls with controller on PC?

Yes, you can play Dark Souls with a controller on PC. Here’s how:

1. Download the game from the Steam Store or
2. Install it on your PC.
3. Start the game and sign in with your Steam or GOG account.
4. Select “Play With Controller.”
5. If you have a DualShock 4 controller, it will be detected automatically and you can start playing! If not, you can choose to use another controller or use the keyboard and mouse.

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How do I use a PS4 controller on Dark Souls 1 PC?

If you’re looking to play Dark Souls 1 on your PC, but don’t have a PlayStation controller – or just want to try the game out differently – there are a few steps you can take.

To use a PS4 controller on your PC, you’ll first need to download the appropriate drivers. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the drivers, launch Dark Souls 1 and select “PC Controls.” You’ll then be able to use your PS4 controller in all of the game’s menus and gameplay.

If you experience any issues while using a PS4 controller on PC, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.

How do I use the controller in Dark Souls 3?

There are a few different ways to play Dark Souls 3 with a controller. The easiest way is to use the standard Xbox or PlayStation controllers.

If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you can also use the GeForce Experience software to control the game with your controller. This is especially useful if you have a laptop that doesn’t have a good enough graphics card to run the game smoothly.

If you want to use a controller with a different game than Dark Souls 3, you will need to buy a special adapter. There are many different adapters available online, and most of them are fairly easy to install.

Playing Dark Souls 3 with a controller is definitely a fun way to experience the game!

How do I set up DS4 for Dark Souls 3?

If you’re looking to play Dark Souls 3 on your PC and use a PlayStation controller, here are the steps you need to take.

First, make sure that your PC is up-to-date with the latest patches and drivers. Second, download the DS4 Windows Driver. Third, launch Dark Souls 3 and make sure that your controller is plugged in and recognized by the game. Fourth, open the DS4 Windows Driver and click on “Configure.” Fifth, select “Use DS4 as default controller.” Sixth, click on “Apply” and then ” OK .” Seventh, start up Dark Souls 3 and press keyboard keys corresponding to buttons on your controller. Eighth, enjoy!

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How do I run Dark Souls 3 PS4?

Playing Dark Souls 3 on PC with a controller can be a bit tricky. Here are some tips to help you get started.

First, make sure that your controller is compatible with Dark Souls 3. Some controllers work better than others.

Second, make sure that your PC is configured correctly for controller play. Many games require that the mouse and keyboard be disabled in order to use a controller. Find out how to do this in Dark Souls 3 on PC.

Third, learn the controls for Dark Souls 3. Each button corresponds to a different action in the game, and you need to memorize these controls in order to play effectively with a controller.

Fourth, practice! The more you play Dark Souls 3 with a controller, the better you will become at using it.

How do you change controls in Dark Souls 3 PC?

So you’re trying out Dark Souls 3 on your PC and you’re having some trouble with the controls. You’ve tried using the keyboard and mouse but they just don’t feel right. Maybe you’ve even tried using a controller, but that just feels too weird. Well, here’s how to change the controls in Dark Souls 3 PC so that you can play the game the way you’re used to.

To change the controls in Dark Souls 3 PC, first open up the game’s menus by pressing [Ctrl]+[Esc]. From here, click on “Controls.” You’ll see a list of different options here, including “Keyboard & Mouse” and “Controller.” If you want to use a controller, select “Controller” from this menu and then choose which controller you want to use from the list.

Once you’ve chosen your control method, it’s time to get down to business. To play the game with keyboard and mouse, just press [W] and [S] to move your character around and [A] and [D] to attack. Note that these are directional keys; if you want to move in any other direction, you’ll need to use [Arrow keys], [Z], or

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How do you kick in Dark Souls 3 PC?

There are many ways to play Dark Souls 3 on PC, but the best way is to use a PS4 controller. This guide will show you how to set up your controller and play the game.

First, make sure that your PS4 controller is compatible with Dark Souls 3. If it isn’t, you can find a list of compatible controllers here.

Next, make sure that you have the latest updates for Dark Souls 3. Be sure to install the latest drivers for your graphics card as well.

After that, you need to set up your controller. Open up the game’s configuration file (usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Souls III\) and add a new USB device. Name it “Dark Souls III Controller” and make sure that it’s set to “Controller.” Then, select it in the game’s settings.

Finally, start up the game and choose Dark Souls III from the main menu. You’ll be able to use your controller without any issues!


If you’re looking to play Dark Souls on your PC with a PlayStation controller, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, make sure you have the latest patch for the game. This patch includes support for PlayStation controllers, so it’s important that your computer has it installed.

Once you have the patch installed and your controller connected, launch the game and select “PC Controller” as your input device. You’ll then be able to use the buttons on the controller to control your character’s movements. Be sure to read the in-game instructions carefully if you’re new to playing with a controller.

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