How to Make Your Candles Eye-Catching with Perfect Candle Boxes

When designing your candles, you want them to be attractive on the shelf, but you also want them to stand out when they lay down in another packaging like boxes or bags. To make your candles eye-catching, pay attention to these five packaging tips.

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What are candle boxes made of

Candles are a great way to add fragrance and style to your home. But without the perfect candle boxes, they can’t be easy to store, transport, and display. The most common type of candle box is a paperboard. Paperboard is a versatile material that can get in many shapes and sizes, which makes it an attractive option for small business owners looking for custom packaging ideas. However, paperboard boxes are typically not sturdy enough for heavy candles or those containing liquids or waxy materials. 

Sizes, shapes, and designs

Candle boxes are a vital part of business packaging ideas. A candle box does not look eye-catching without different sizes, shapes, and designs. When it comes to business packaging ideas, you need a high-quality box that can withstand shipping and handling. There are two types of boxes, tuck boxes or sleeve styles. Tuck boxes are thin cardboard that protects the candle from rubbing against other products during shipping.

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The sleeve style is made of thicker cardboard and has easy tear slots. So, you can open it quickly without scissors or a knife. The sleeve also has an opening for the wick so air can flow through to avoid smoke buildup.

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Tips to make the candles more valuable

  • Pick a color scheme for your candle boxes.
  • Include an insert inside the box that features an explanation of what’s inside, as well as its benefits.
  • Package your candles so they’re easy to open and look beautiful when they can display on the shelf.
  • Consider including samples of other products available at your store or website.
  • Add a personal touch by including a handwritten thank you note or personalized card with each order.

Making sure you pack them well when you send them out

Packaging your candles in custom boxes is one of the easiest ways to make them more attractive. When you get a candle, choose durable packaging. If you’re shipping them out, pack them well in bubble wrap or packing peanuts, and then put them into a box that matches the size of the candles. It will not only make for a better presentation but will also ensure that they travel safely. Choose the material that is light in weight and you can easy to load.

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A few more considerations

Whether you’re an established your business or just starting out, the small business packaging ides are the crucial component of your marketing strategy. Packaging not only gives customers the opportunity to see your products before they buy them, but it also ensures that they arrive in perfect condition. To help you create the best packaging for your product, we’ve created this guide on how to make your candles eye-catching with perfect candle boxes.

  • Consider what shape and size will work best for your candles. Will they fit into a rectangular box? Do you want a round box? What size do you need? Keep in mind the perfect size can set off your product and make it stand out on shelves or online.
  • How much should each candle cost? Is your packaging more expensive than the content inside it? If so, consider a less expensive option like as Kraft paper bags.
  • Think about how many candles you’ll need per boxes are in normal quantities. Remember that some retailers require you to use one carton per 25 units, so if you have 50 units of tea lights in one pack, you will need two cartons.
  • How much should each candle cost? Is your packaging more expensive than the content inside it? If so, consider a less expensive option like as Kraft paper bags. 
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What are the material options for candle boxes?

When you are going to choose a container for your candles, there are many options. You can use glass jars, tins, or even wooden boxes. The material you choose will depend on the type of candle and how you want it to look. If you’re making votive or tea light candles, then use glass jars will be best because they’re transparent. Hence, they will allow the light from the flame inside the box to shine better. If you are making pillar candles, then using a tin or a wood box is ideal because they’ll show off your handiwork more.

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What printing techniques are available?

There are many printing techniques that can be applicable to candle boxes. The type of paper and ink used will determine the finish and texture of the box. It is crucial to know what kind of paper you are using. So, you can find a suitable printer. Printers come in two varieties, digital and offset. Digital printers use light or heat to change the surface of the material prints, while offset printing uses metal plates that work like stamps. Offset printers are more expensive but have a higher quality print. Other than printing techniques, there are many forms of materials that can be applicable for your packaging, corrugated cardboard, plastic, glassine paper, metallic foil cardstock, and more!


There are a few ways those can make your candles eye-catching, but the most important is having a perfect candle box. A candle’s packaging tells a lot about what it is and how it smells, so make sure you find one that will highlight your product’s best features. If you’re selling candles that smell like flowers, for example, then use rose petals or lavender in the packaging. If it’s more of a masculine type of scent, try using tree bark or wet leaves. There are also many different kinds of materials to choose from-paperboard boxes are popular because they’re cheap and easy to assemble while still looking nice; metal containers can be intriguing, while glass jars add elegance and style.

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