How to Make Cannonballs in OSRS

Have you ever wondered how to make cannonballs in RuneScape? Or perhaps you’re more interested in the engineering behind it – in which case, this blog post is for you! In this article, we will explain the steps necessary to create cannonballs in RuneScape – from gathering the materials to alloying them together. We will also provide tips on how to optimize the process for greater efficiency and yield. If you have an interest in engineering or just want to learn something new, read on!

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What is Cannonballing?

Cannonballing is a popular activity in the online game, RuneScape. Cannonballs are large, round objects that players can throw at other players or obstacles. They are made by using a pot and a cannonball mold to make them. Players can also buy cannonballs from the shop.

To make a cannonball, start by filling the pot three-quarters of the way full with water. Place the mold on top of the pot and pour in enough water to cover it. Let the mixture cool until it is firm enough to handle, about 30 minutes. Carefully remove the mold and release the ball. If you want your cannonball to be rounder, you can put it back into the pot and flip it over several times while it’s still wet before removing it from the water.

How to Make Cannonballs in OSRS

In Old School RuneScape, cannonballs are a type of ammunition that can be used in certain weaponry. They can also be created by using a furnace and a crafting table with the appropriate ingredients. To make cannonballs, you will need:

1 ball of clay

1 coal

1 tinderbox

To make the cannonball, you will first need to create a clay ball. Start by adding some clay to your crafting table and clicking on the mold button. Then, click on the add fuel button and add coal to the clay mix. Finally, light your tinderbox and wait for it to burn down. Your cannonball should now be ready to use!

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Tips for Making Cannonballs in OSRS

Making cannonballs is a great way to train your shooting skills in OSRS. There are a few things you need to know to make the best cannonballs:

-First, you’ll need some supplies. You’ll need a cannonball mold, some clay, and some water.

-Next, you’ll need to gather the ingredients. You’ll need iron ore, coal, and limestone. Iron ore can be found near the surface of most worlds, coal can be found underground, and limestone can be found underwater or in certain caves.

-After you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to start making the cannonballs! First, mix one part of clay and two parts of water in a pot until you have a smooth mixture. Then, take your iron ore and coal into the mixture and stir until everything is combined well. Make sure the clay is wet enough so that it will form a ball when you put it into the mixture; if it’s too dry, it won’t stick together well when you’re shaping it into a cannonball.

-Once your clay mixture is ready, shape it into a ball then put it back into the pot of water to keep it moistened. It should take about 30 minutes for the ball to become hard enough to work with.

-Once your ball has hardened up, use a spoon or your hands to break off pieces that are about the size of an eggshell. Be careful not to break

How do you get a cannonball mold Osrs?

Making cannonballs in OSRS is a simple process that can be completed in minutes. The first step is to gather the materials you need. You will need a cannonball mold, modeling clay, water, and food coloring.

To make the cannonball mold, start by shaping the clay into the desired shape of your cannonball. Once you have this shape, place it onto a sheet of plastic wrap and press it into the shape of the ball you want it to be. Make sure that all sides are completely covered in clay so that it is firm and does not move when you are making your cannonballs.

Next, take your water and add enough food coloring to make the ball bright pink or yellow. Mix these ingredients well and pour them into each end of the clay ball mold. Make sure that both ends of the mold are filled with dye so that when you remove the ball from it, it will have a vivid color.”

When you are finished making your cannonballs, let them dry for at least four hours before handling them. If you do not have time to wait for them to dry, then placing them in a low oven on low heat will help speed up the process. When they are dry, simply pop them out of their molds and enjoy your colorful creations!

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How do you get cannonballs?

In OldSchool RuneScape, cannonballs are special items that players can craft by using a hammer and nails on the anvil. The process of crafting a cannonball requires the player to first purchase nails from the nail vendor in Lumbridge and then use the hammer at the blacksmith in Canifis to create them. Cannonballs are Very Rare items that can be used as ammunition for Thieve’s Guild weapons such as spears and crossbows.

Where do I get a cannonball mold?

If you’re looking to make cannonballs in Old School RuneScape, there are a few places you can go to get the molds you need.

The first place is the Grand Exchange. You can buy a cannonball mold for 10,000 coins.

The second place is the Slayer Tower. You can buy a cannonball mold for 20,000 coins.

The third place is the Smithing Guild. You can buy a cannonball mold for 25,000 coins.

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How long does it take to make an inventory of cannonballs Osrs?

Cannonballs are a necessary component for many tasks within the game Old School RuneScape. Making an accurate inventory of cannonballs is essential for players who want to be efficient and successful in their gameplay. This guide will outline the necessary steps to taking an inventory of cannonballs in OSRS.


So you’ve decided that you want to become an expert cannonball in the world of Old School Runescape. Great! In this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know about making cannonballs in OSRS. From where to find the right ingredients, to how to make them and even how to perfect your technique, we will cover it all. So be sure to bookmark this page and come back soon, as cannonballs are not only a great exercise but they can also be quite fun!

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