How to know if someone accepted your follow request on instagram

If you’ve been trying to get someone to follow you on Instagram but they haven’t responded, it might be because they have declined your follow request. Here are four signs that someone has accepted your follow request: 1) Their profile picture is updated with a new photo 2) They have followed you back 3) Their account is set to private 4) They have started following a lot of accounts You can also try asking them directly if they would like to follow you, or reach out to their management team if you’re having trouble getting a response.

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How do you know if someone ignores your follow request on Instagram?

If someone doesn’t follow you back after you send them a follow request, it’s likely that they didn’t accept your request.

How do you check who hasn’t accepted my follow request?

There are a few ways to check, but the quickest way is probably through your phone’s notifications. If you’ve sent a follow request and haven’t received a response within a few minutes, you can probably assume that person didn’t accept it.
You can also go to your account’s “followers” page and look for any followers that have been removed. If someone followed you back but then deleted their follow request, that person likely accepted your follow request.

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What happens if someone ignores your Instagram request?

If someone has not responded to your follow request within a few minutes, it is likely that they have not accepted your request.

How do I know if my friend request was denied?

If you sent a follow request to a friend on Instagram and did not receive a response, it is likely that the request was denied. There are several reasons why your request may have been denied, but the most common reason is that your friend is not following you back. If you sent the follow request and still do not receive a response, it is best to check your friend’s profile and see if they have followed you back from their profile. If they have not followed you back from their profile, then it is likely that the request was rejected because they did not see your message.

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How do you see who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram?

If you’ve sent a follow request and not received a response, there are a few things you can check to see if the person accepted your request.

1. Check the “Following” tab on their profile. If the person has stopped following you, it’s likely because they didn’t receive your follow request.

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2. Double-check that you sent the follow request from an account that’s been verified by Instagram. If you don’t have verification, your follow request may not be accepted.

3. Try sending the follow request again from a different account or from your profile page instead of from within a post. This can help ensure that your request is received.

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Does Instagram request expire?

Instagram does not expire follow requests. However, if you do not receive a response from the person you followed within 24 hours, it is recommended that you follow them again.

Do deleted friend requests automatically become followers?

Some people may assume that deleted friend requests on Instagram automatically become followers for the person who sent the request. However, this is not always the case. In some cases, deleted friend requests may be removed from a user’s account, but they may still be followers for other accounts that the user follows. It is important to check the follower count for a user before assuming that they have accepted a follow request.

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Can someone see if I follow then unfollow them on Instagram?

If you follow someone and then un-follow them within a few minutes, it is likely that they have accepted your follow request.


If you’ve followed someone and they’ve accepted your follow request, then they’re probably interested in what you have to say. But if they haven’t responded after a few minutes, it might be worth checking their account to see if they’re still following you.

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