How to Install Weapon Mods in Dying Light 2

Weapon mods are a big part of Dying Light 2. They allow you to customize and improve the performance of your weapons, making them more deadly and efficient. In this guide, we will show you how to install weapon mods in Dying Light 2. We will also provide tips on how to choose the best weapon mods for your play style. So if you’re looking to make your weapons even deadlier, this guide is for you!

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In Dying Light, weapon mods are a big part of the game. There are a variety of different types that can be equipped with your weapons, giving them unique benefits. To install weapon mods in Dying Light, you need to find a Weaponsmith. The Weaponsmith is located in most major settlements and will be able to install any weapon mod you have for purchase or find in the world.

Be sure to equip all the weapon mods you want before speaking to the Weaponsmith as some mods will require specific pieces of equipment (like a scope for snipers) that you may not have at your disposal. Once you’ve spoken to the Weaponsmith, they will give you a mod slot for your current weapon and assign it a specific modifier. You’ll then need to find and equip the modifier from the inventory screen.

Weapon modifiers can increase damage output, improve accuracy, or add new functionality to your weapons (like explosive rounds). Be sure to experiment with different modifiers and see which ones work best for you!

How to Install Weapon Mods

Weapon mods are a great way to make your character more powerful and customize their playstyle. In this guide, we’ll show you how to install weapon mods in Dying Light.

1. Open the “Game Options” menu and select “Gameplay”.

2. Under the “Gameplay” section, click on “Weapons & Armor”.

3. On the left side of the window, under “Weapons”, select “Modifications”.

4. Select the type of mod you want to install and click on the “Install” button.

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How do you put mods on weapons in Dying Light 2?

There are a few different ways to install weapon mods in Dying Light 2. The first method is to use the in-game mod menu. The second method is to use the PC workshop. The third method is to use the game’s built-in mod manager.

To Install Weapon Mods in Dying Light 2 using the In-Game Mod Menu:

1) Open the Dying Light 2 in-game mod menu by pressing ” ESC ” and clicking on ” Gameplay “.

2) Click on “Mods” and then click on “Add New”.

3) Select the file that you want to add the weapon mod to and click on “Open”.

4) The weapon mod will be added to the list of available mods and can be selected by clicking on it.

Does Dying Light 2 allow mods?

In Dying Light, weapon mods are extremely important for players to have to make their characters more powerful. However, mods are not available in the game’s initial release. As such, many players are wondering if Dying Light 2 will allow mods at all.

Thankfully, the answer is yes. While mod support was not initially included in Dying Light 2, it has been added as an update and can be found on the game’s official website. Additionally, Steam users who have purchased the game since its release last month can find a modding workshop located inside the game’s main menu.

Players who wish to install weapon mods should first ensure that they have installed the game’s original patch and then follow these instructions:

1) Launch Dying Light 2 and open the main menu by pressing the Triangle button on your controller. From here, click on “Options.”
It is important to note that this option is only available after you have installed the original patch. If you do not have this patch installed yet, you can download it from Dying Light’s official website.
2) Click on “System” in the options menu and then select “Video.” In Video Options, make sure that “Use Frame Rate Targeting” is checked under “Display.” After making these changes, press OK to close Video Options.
3) Next, head over to “Extras” and select “Mods.” Here you will find two new options: “Add Mod” and “

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How do you install mods on dying light?

There are a few ways to install mods in Dying Light. You can either use the in-game mod manager or manually download and extract the files to your game folder.

1. Use the in-game mod manager:

The in-game mod manager is located in the “Mods” menu of the game. Once you have accessed the mods menu, select “Install Mods.” You will be prompted to select a location where you want the mods to be installed. Select “Your Game Directory.” After selecting a location, select “OK.” The in-game mod manager will now search for and install any available mods.

2. Manually download and extract the files:

If you would like to install mods manually, first you will need to download and extract the files to your Dying Light game folder. The full path to where the game is installed can be found on Steam’s website ( If you have not already done so, open up Dying Light and create a new character. Then, start up the game and log into your character using your Steam credentials. Next, locate your Dying Light game folder on your computer by navigating to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light\ dying light . After locating this folder, open it up and find the “Mods” folder. Inside of this folder is two additional folders: “Data” and “Settings.” The “Data” folder

How do you add upgrades to weapons in dying light? Feedback

Adding upgrades to weapons in Dying Light is a simple process that can be done in any settlement or safe house. There are three main ways to do this: vendor, craft, and scavenge.

Vendor upgrades can be found at various merchants throughout the game world. They are generally expensive, but they offer a variety of benefits, such as increased damage or reload speed. Craft upgrades can be found on certain machines scattered around the game world. These usually require materials that can only be obtained by looting specific containers or killing specific enemies. Scavenge upgrades can be found by searching through corpses or destroyed objects around the game world. These tend to be more affordable than vendor or craft upgrades, but they don’t always offer the same range of benefits.

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If you’re looking to beef up your gear in Dying Light 2, weapon mods are a great way to do so. Weapon mods add new abilities and stats to your weapons, making them more powerful and versatile. This guide will show you how to install weapon mods in Dying Light 2, including step-by-step instructions and photos. So get ready for some serious zombie slaying with the help of these handy mods!