How to increase the audience of a site? The keys to success

In France, about 65% of companies have a website. This percentage is growing every year. Indeed, structures are increasingly aware of the need for a presence on the web. However, without visitors, a showcase site, an e-commerce or a blog remains useless. Web entrepreneurs, SME managers, bloggers … All ask themselves the same questions: how to increase the audience of a site? What actions should be put in place to attract Internet users? Here are the keys to success.

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Generate traffic for free with natural referencing

91% of clicks are made on the first page of Google results. This number says it all. Few Internet users go beyond the second page to carry out a search. To be visible on the web, it is important to position yourself at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). For this, there is no secret. It is necessary to invest in natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


To put it simply, SEO is mainly based on keywords and the lexical field related to them. The objective is to allow the search engine to understand the theme of the website and thus to offer it to Internet users.

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Beware, the era of keyword stuffing is over. Over-optimization is bad for SEO. Google penalizes this practice. The key query must therefore be placed in the URL, the page title, one of the H2s, the body of the text (not 15 times), the ALT attribute of the image and the Meta description.

However, it is important to choose your keywords carefully. A term that is too or not very competitive will not bring the desired results. This research work cannot be rushed.

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The internal mesh is to work in order to direct the readers towards other contents of the same site but especially, towards the pages which convert. The idea is to reduce the bounce rate, improve the user experience by providing more relevant information and of course, to sell!

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In addition, a blogger can quote you in an article and place a link there to your own web page: this is a backlink. To get links from authority sites, the work is complex. Indeed, to be mentioned, your content must have high added value.

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The performance

Several technical aspects impact your SEO and are to be taken into account by your webmaster when creating your site. For example, responsive design (adapting the page to the screen of a smartphone or tablet). As a reminder, the loading speed of a site can be impacted by a certain number of elements such as the weight of the photos, the HTML code, etc.

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Speed ​​is not, as yet, a primary SEO criterion, but perhaps the Core Web Vitals update in May 2021 will change that. Either way, it’s fundamental to the user experience.

SEO actions take time to bear fruit. However, once your site is well positioned, qualified traffic will be constant.

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Increase the audience of a site through content creation

Your company’s digital strategy should be based primarily on your content. It is therefore essential to build a relevant content marketing policy. For this, in-depth work must be carried out in order to define the objectives, identify the personas, choose the right keywords, build an editorial line, and develop the editorial calendar. Your content is intended for an audience with specific expectations.

Written content: blog, guest article and emailing

The blog is the main tool for developing the audience of a website. For this, do not neglect the work of titles. This is the first contact with your audience. Capture the attention of Internet users with trending topics. Google Trends helps you identify popular conversations.

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A guest post on a relevant blog gives you a backlink to your site. But it is not easy to become a contributor for other bloggers. Your work must be excellent and it is necessary to propose a subject that cannot be refused.

Finally, the email campaign is effective in developing a long-term relationship with your community. An automated emailing strategy guides your prospects throughout the buying process. Offering a reward to your visitors is the starting point for creating a contact file: white papers, templates, guides… The ideas are varied.

However, be sure to comply with the regulations in force on data protection and the consent of Internet users.

Audio and video content: YouTube channel, podcast and webinar

How to attract Internet users? By offering content with high added value for your target audience. In addition to developing your community, you will position yourself as an expert on your topic. Your resources will be increasingly shared by your readers, which will boost your site traffic. It is important to vary your media types. Consider other formats:

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. A relevant video publication can position a site well on Google and thus generate visits.
  • Many bloggers turn to podcasts with informative, educational or entertaining content… There are no limits. Its impact can be very positive to increase the audience of a site.
  • The webinar is increasingly popular for professional events. This format allows a large adhesion because the registration upstream is obligatory.

Finally, regular participation in conferences related to your sector of activity is another way to generate clicks to your sites. Intervening in workshops, participating in meetings of entrepreneurs, distributing business cards, these actions can contribute to your notoriety.

Attract Internet users with social networks

Social networks should not be neglected in your digital marketing strategy. However, acquiring web traffic via social media does not happen overnight. Your editorial calendar should be tweaked in order to post regularly and increase the number of followers. Several actions are to be implemented to obtain visits to your site:

  • To simplify the life of your followers, it is important to add a clickable link to your website on all your profiles.
  • Don’t forget to share your latest blog post on your various accounts. A punchy headline, great photo, and copywritten introductory text will attract new readers.
  • It is important to respond to your community. But if you want to strengthen your notoriety, it is necessary to participate in the conversations of groups or pages related to your themes. LinkedIn and Facebook are ideal networks for this. Be careful, however, not to sell yourself (too much). The idea is not to prospect directly.
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Get a site off the ground with paid ads

For some marketing managers, online advertising or SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is one of the main levers for acquiring traffic. Google remains the key player in the field with Google Ads. However, the various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn offer advertising tools. The power of Facebook lies in the ability to target its advertising and its variety of formats. Paid advertising is a quick way to develop a site’s visibility.

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In conclusion, the actions allowing to increase the audience of a site are numerous. However, success can take time to arrive, especially with SEO. Before getting started, a good content strategy must be defined. Then, it is better to test a few tools and then analyze the results obtained. Remember, it is important to attract Internet users to your website but it is essential to retain them. Only your content can make the difference. Need help producing your writing? Do not hesitate to be accompanied by web editors!