How to Get to Waterbirth Island in OSRS

There are many things to do in Old School Runescape, but few can compare to Waterbirth Island. This is a place of wonder and adventure, where you can explore the secluded depths of the ocean and battle fearsome monsters. But getting it isn’t easy. In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to get to Waterbirth Island in OSRS—from the starting point to the final destination. ###

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What is Waterbirth Island?

Waterbirth Island is an island in the northwest of Old School RuneScape, accessible from the sea. It is home to the Waterbirth Temple, which can only be accessed after completing the quest A Damp Squib. The temple is dedicated to Seren and allows players to use the Teleport to Temple spell for free.

How to Get to Waterbirth Island in OSRS

Waterbirth Island is a small island located in the northern part of the Old School RuneScape map. To get to it, you need to travel through the Myreque Hideout and then past the final obstacle on the way – a large pool of water.

Once you reach the island, there are multiple ways to get around it. The most direct route is to go northeast of the peninsula where Myreque Hideout is situated. The second option is to take a boat from Ardougne Harbour. The third option is to teleport using an Amulet of glory or an ancient key.

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Tips for a Successful Trip to Waterbirth Island

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, Waterbirth Island is the place for you! Here are some tips to help make your trip a success: 

1. Make a plan. Before you even think about packing your bags, make a list of what you need and when you need it. This will help streamline the process and ensure that everything arrives when it’s supposed to.

2. Arrive early. Allow yourself plenty of time to get settled in, explore the island, and enjoy all that Waterbirth has to offer. The sooner you arrive, the more rest you’ll be able to take advantage of during your stay!

3. Bring your supplies. If there’s something specific you need while on the island (like sunscreen), bring enough supplies so that you don’t have to run out during your stay. This will also save you money! 

4. Make friends. Waterbirth Island is small enough that it’s easy to strike up conversations with locals but big enough that there’s always something new to see and do! Be sure to bring along some conversation starters if you’re worried about making new friends quickly; a journal or book can be helpful too!

How do you get into Waterbirth Island?

To get to Waterbirth Island, players will need to first start the quest A Tale of Two Cities. After completing this quest, players will be able to find an NPC named Captain Khazard on the north-western side of The Greatwood. Captain Khazard will tell players that they need to find a boatman to access the island. The boatman can be found on the southeastern side of The Greatwood. Players will need 20 gold coins to hire the boatman. Once they have hired the boatman, they will need to speak with him and he will take them to the island.

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How do I get through Waterbirth Dungeon?

Waterbirth Dungeon is a challenging dungeon located on Waterbirth Island. To get to the dungeon, players must first find the red buoy in eastern RS and head west. Once they are near the buoy, they will need to cross a bridge to reach it. The red buoy will lead them straight to Waterbirth Dungeon.

The dungeon consists of five floors, each with different challenges waiting for players. Some of these challenges include deadly traps and dangerous monsters. Players must be prepared for anything to complete the dungeon and claim its rewards.

If players are unsuccessful in completing the dungeon within 60 minutes, they can restart from the beginning. However, any progress made during that time is lost. Therefore, it is important for players to carefully plan their route before entering Waterbirth Dungeon.

How do I get into Dagannoth room?

To get to Waterbirth Island in OSRS, players must first complete the mini-quest, The Lost Tribe. Players can then use the Teleport to the Edgeville dungeon and go down the passage next to the water. From there, players can swim north to reach Waterbirth Island.

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How do I teleport to Rellekka?

To teleport to Rellekka, players need to have completed the quest “Waterbirth Island”. To start the quest, players must speak to Captain Awkward on the eastern shore of Waterbirth Island. After completing the quest, Captain Awkward will give players a teleporter tablet. Players can use this tablet to teleport to Rellekka.