How to get to inventory in borderlands 2 ps4

Borderlands 2 is an action-packed, first-person shooter set in the universe of Pandora, a planet destroyed by war and conquest. As one of the last members of the Vault Hunters, you must fight your way across the planet to find the (very) small band of survivors and bring peace back to Pandora.

To get started in Borderlands 2, you’ll first need to collect items called “Inventory Items.” These can be found as loot or purchased from vendors. Once you have enough Inventory Items, head to any of Borderlands’ four central regions – Sanctuary, Fyrestone, Battlefield, or The Dust – and enter “Innovation” mode. This will open up your character’s inventory so that you can start installing new weapons and gear.

How do you equip weapons in Borderlands 2 ps4?

In Borderlands 2 on the Playstation 4, there are different ways to equip your weapons. You can use the traditional weapon wheel or you can use the character’s equipped items.

To equip a weapon in Borderlands 2 ps4, first find the weapon that you want to use. Then, move the cursor over to the wheel and choose the weapon from the selection that pops up. You can also use this method to change your character’s equipped items.

To change your character’s equipped items, go to the main menu and select “Playstation 4” from the game category. Once you are in this menu, select “Character” from the list of options on the left side of the screen.

Next, choose “Equip Items” from this menu and select the item that you want to equip. You can also use this menu to remove an item from your character’s inventory.

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How do I access my inventory in Borderlands?

To access your inventory in Borderlands, you first need to open the Inventory screen. This can be accessed by pressing the “I” button on the keyboard or by pressing the “Inventory” button on the main menu. Once you have opened the Inventory screen, you will see your inventory listed at the bottom of the screen.

To get to your inventory in Borderlands, you first need to find the right button. To do this, press and hold down the “F11” key and then click on any object in the game. This will bring up a menu that allows you to select different inventory items.

How do you equip weapons in Borderlands?

In Borderlands, players can equip weapons in a variety of ways. Some weapons can be equipped by simply dragging them into the player’s inventory. Other weapons require the use of a certain type of ammo or weapon accessories.

To get to inventory in Borderlands, players must first select the weapon they want to use. They then need to press the left thumbstick in the direction they want to move. Along the bottom of the screen, they will see a list of items that are within reach. They can then select the weapon they want and start playing the game.

How do you sort your inventory in Borderlands 2?

In Borderlands 2, you need to sort your inventory for both the weapons and the characters. You can do this by using the sorting tool in the game’s menu.

You can also use the Inventory button on the main toolbar to open up your inventory. Once you’re in your inventory, click on the Sorting button to switch to the sorting screen.

There are two different ways to sort your inventory in Borderlands 2: alphabetically or by category. You can choose whichever option is more comfortable for you.

If you want to change the way your inventory is sorted, click on the Change Category button to switch to the sorting screen for character inventory. Then, click on the desired category to change how your items are displayed.

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Borderlands 2 is a fun and challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. If you’re having trouble getting through a section of the game or if you just want to improve your skills, try sorting your inventory in order to make things easier!

How do you open your inventory in Borderlands 2 ps3?

In order to open your inventory in Borderlands 2 ps3, you will first need to find the inventory screen. This screen can be accessed by pressing the button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Once you have opened the inventory screen, you will need to highlight the items that you want to take into your inventory. You can do this by clicking on the item or by using the cursor keys.

You can then press the A button to select all of the items, or you can press the X button to delete selected items. And finally, you can press the Y button to put all of the items into your inventory.

How do you expand your backpack in Borderlands 2?

Borderlands 2 has a lot of inventory to manage and while it can be a bit confusing at first, we have put together a few tips that will help you get to inventory as quickly as possible.

To start off, make sure that you are carrying the right amount of ammunition for your weapons. You should also have enough money to buy new weapons and ammo if needed.

Inventory can also be cluttered and difficult to access. To help with this, try to group similar items together so that they are easier to find. You can also use labeled containers to store your items.

Finally, you should always be on the lookout for hidden treasures and loot. If you find something valuable while exploring the world, make sure to take it back to your base for safekeeping!

How do you use boost in Borderlands 2 ps4?

In Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation 4, there is a function called “Boost” that allows players to speed up their progress in the game. Boost is found at various locations throughout the game and can be used to skip large sections of the game or to get ahead of the competition.

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How Boost works is that it temporarily decreases the time it takes for players to complete objectives or reach specific parts of the game. This makes it faster for players to get through areas and complete tasks.

There are a few things that you need in order to use Boost effectively. The first thing is a fast internet connection. Secondly, you need enough ammo and gun mods so that you can take on enemies quickly. Finally, you will need to have some gold because boosting costs gold.

How do you honk in Borderlands 2?

In Borderlands 2, the player can honk their car to get the attention of other players and NPCs. This is a useful technique for getting your attention when you need to communicate with someone in the game.

To honk your car in Borderlands 2, first open the main menu. Then press the “H” button to open the car options. Next, select “Honk.” You will then be able to honk your car to get the attention of other players and NPCs.


Borderlands 2 is an incredibly fun game, but it can be frustrating when you’re trying to build up your inventory and find the items you need. This guide will teach you how to get to inventory in Borderlands 2 so that you can start building the perfect gear set for your character. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to conquer any challenge the game throws your way!

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