How to Get to Hosidius in OSRS


Hosidius is one of the 16 playable factions in Old School RuneScape. To join this faction, players must have completed the quest The Restless Ghost and have a total level of 1,325 or higher. This guide will provide all the information you need to get to Hosidius and join this faction.

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Getting There

Assuming you’re starting from scratch, the first thing you need to do is complete the quest “The Slug Menace” up to the point where you speak to Videos in Port Sarim. He will tell you to go speak with Captain Guinea in Hosidius.

To get to Hosidius, simply walk east from Port Sarim until you reach Land’s End. From there, take the boat to Entrana and then walk north until you reach Hosidius.

Once in Hosidius, head to the southwestern corner of the colony and look for Captain Guinea’s house. She will give you a cutscene and then tell you to go see Kaqemeex in Taverley for further instruction.

A. By Boat

If you’re looking to get to Hosidius in OSRS, one of the best ways to do so is by boat. To do this, simply head to the Musa Point docks and speak to Captain Shanks. He’ll be more than happy to take you to Hosidius for a small fee of 10gp.

Once you’re in Hosidius, you’ll find yourself in a bustling city with plenty to see and do. Be sure to check out the shops and stalls, as well as the many landmarks and attractions that this city has to offer. With so much to explore, you’re sure to find something that interests you in Hosidius!

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B. On Foot

To get to Hosidius in OSRS, you will need to travel on foot. The journey will take approximately two hours. You should bring plenty of food and water with you, as well as some coins for expenses along the way.

Once you arrive in Hosidius, be sure to head to the bank and deposit any valuables you may have with you. This is a dangerous place and it is always best to be prepared for the worst. There are many aggressive monsters in this area, so be sure to stay on your toes and watch your back!

What to Do Once You’re There

Assuming you have completed the quest requirements, head to the Port Sarim lodestone and take the boat to Hosidius. Once you’re in Hosidius, there are a variety of things to do:

-Visit the bank and withdraw any supplies you’ll need, such as food, water, and armor.

-Make your way to the southern part of town and speak with Videos. He’ll give you a brief overview of what’s going on in Hosidius and ask you to help out with some tasks.

-Help Videos collect 10 sacks of flour from the mill. This is a simple fetch quest that shouldn’t take too long.

-Head over to the farrier and speak with Catherby. He’ll task you with finding some iron ore so he can make horseshoes. Iron ore can be found in several mines around Gielinor, but the closest one is just south of Hosidius.

-Collect 20 pieces of iron ore and return to Catherby. With the iron ore, he’ll be able to make 10 sets of horseshoes. Each set will need to be delivered to a different farm around Hosidius. Talk to Catherby for more information on where to find these farms.

-Once all 10 sets of horseshoes have been delivered, return to Catherby for your reward.

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What is the fastest way to get to Hosidius?

The fastest way to get to Hosidius is by using the fairy ring transportation system. To use this system, you first need to have completed the Fairy Tale Part II quest. Once you have completed the quest, you can access the fairy ring network by using a Dramen or Livid branch on the central bank in Zanaris.

To get to Hosidius from Zanaris, you need to use the code BIS. This will take you to the southernmost part of Hosidius. From here, you can simply walk north to reach the main town area.

How do you get to Hosidius Port Sarim Osrs?

Hosidius is a clan that was founded in early 2005. It is one of the oldest and largest Old School RuneScape clans. Hosidius is known for being a very close-knit community with a great sense of camaraderie. To get to Hosidius, you must first complete The Feud quest. Once you have completed the quest, you will be able to use the clan chat shortcut “:: hos” to teleport directly to the Hosidius House in Great Kourend.

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How do you teleport in Hosidius?

There are two ways to teleport to Hosidius in OSRS: the quick way and the cheap way.

The quick way to teleport to Hosidius is by using a game necklace. Games necklaces can be bought from the Grand Exchange for around 100,000 coins. To use a games necklace, simply equip it and click on the ‘Teleport’ option. You will be taken to the Hosidius Estate located just outside of Great Kourend.

The cheap way to teleport to Hosidius is by using a teleport. Teleorbs can be made by players with level 35 magic. To make a teleport, you will need 1 earth rune, 1 fire rune, and 1 law rune. Once you have all the necessary ingredients, simply cast the ‘Teleport’ spell on the teleport. Doing so will turn the teleport into a Hosidius teleport which can then be used to teleport yourself directly to Hosidius.

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How do you get to Hosidius fruit stall Osrs?

The Hosidius fruit stall is located in the southwestern corner of Great Kourend. To get there, simply teleport to the Hosidius House and make your way south. Once you reach the fruit stall, you can purchase various fruits from it.

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There are a few different ways to get to Hosidius in OSRS, but the most convenient way is definitely by using the teleport spell. This will take you right to the doorstep of Hosidius House, making it easy to get started on your journey. If you don’t have access to the teleport spell, another option is to use the slayer ring. This will take you to Burgh de Rott, which isn’t too far from Hosidius. From there, you can simply walk or run over to your destination. Whichever method you choose, getting to Hosidius in OSRS is easy.

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