How to Get to Catherby in OSRS

Catherby is one of the most famous places in Old School Runescape and it’s easy to see why. The fishing here is legendary, the spot for bonfires is perfect, and the Slayer targets are some of the easiest in the game. Unfortunately, Catherby can be a bit of a pain to get to. In this blog post, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to get there from any location in Old School Runescape. We’ll also include a list of all the essential supplies you will need. ###

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What is the process to get to Catherby?

The quickest way to get to Catherby is by traveling south from the Grand Exchange. The best route would be to take the southeast exit from the square and follow the main road down. Once you reach the coastal town of Seers’ Village, continue following the coastline until you reach Catherby. Alternatively, if you are looking for a more scenic route, you could take the northwest exit from the square and follow Route 219 to Catherby. Either way, make sure to stop at the general store in Seers’ Village on your way so that you can buy some supplies!

How much does it cost to get to Catherby?

Catherby is located in the far northeast of the game world and can be reached via several different methods. The most direct route is to teleport to Draynor Village, cross the river and head east. Another method is to use the fairy ring code DKS, which will take you directly to Catherby. The cheapest way to get there is to use the public teleports found at various locations around Gielinor.

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What are the different methods of getting to Catherby?

There are a few different ways of getting to Catherby in Old School RuneScape. The quickest way is to use the fairy ring code DKS, which takes you directly to the fishing spot at the northwest corner of the peninsula. Another way is to teleport using the fairy ring code ETT, which will take you right next to Catherby. If you’re looking for an alternative route, you can also travel south from Ardougne or east from Varrock and take the path that leads over the bridge into Misthalin.

How do you get to Catherby?

Catherby is located in northwest of the OSRS map and can be accessed by traveling west from Varrock. The quickest way to get there is to use the fairy ring code DQ. Once you’re at the fairy ring, head southeast and take the first exit. Catherby will be on your left.

If you’re looking for a more scenic route, you can also travel via the Karamja Volcano. Head east from Musa Point, then follow the road north until you reach Brimhaven. From here, head west along the coast until you reach Ardougne. Head southwest from Ardougne until you reach Catherby.

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How do you teleport to Catherby Osrs?

To teleport to Catherby in OSRS, you will need the Lunar spellbook and a staff of air. First, cast the Lunar spellbook on yourself. Next, use the staff of air to teleport to Catherby.

Can you walk to Catherby?

Assuming you’re in the general area, the best way to get to Catherby is by foot. The distance is about 8km, and it’s a fairly easy walk if you’re reasonably fit. If not, there are several ways of getting there via public transport or car.

The best way to start your journey is at the Catherby Lodges. There are several lodges close by that offer free maps and directions. From the lodges, follow the signs for the Troll Stronghold. It will take around an hour to walk to the Troll Stronghold, so make sure you allow enough time for your journey.

Once you reach the Troll Stronghold, continue following the signposts until you reach Catherby itself. The town is small but vibrant with shops and restaurants. As well as being a great place to spend a day out, Catherby is also home to many magical creatures, such as pixies and fairies.

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How do you get around White Wolf Mountain Osrs?Feedback

To get to Catherby in OSRS, you first need access to White Wolf Mountain. This is located in the northeast of the game world, and can only be accessed via a teleport spell. Once you’re there, head southwest until you reach a river. Cross it and follow the path north until you reach Catherby.


If you’re seeking an adventure in Old School RuneScape, look no further than Catherby. This popular spot is home to the mystical Saradomin statue and a wealth of other secrets, including the location of the fabulous Ruby amulet. Here are four easy steps to help you get there: 1. Start by speaking to Captain Tendril at the port in Falador; 2. Sail to Port Sarim and take the ship northbound; 3. Once you reach Catherby, head south through the jungle until you find a path that leads up onto the plateau where Saradomin rests; 4. Climb up onto the platform and claim your prize!

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