How to get friend anniversary on facebook

Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! There are a few things you might want to do to commemorate the special day, such as creating a special post on your blog or website, planning out a fun activity for the two of you to do together, or even sending each other gifts. However, if you want to make sure that your anniversary is remembered by friends and family alike, you’ll need to get it posted on Facebook. In this article, we’ll explain how to do just that.

How do you find friend anniversary on Facebook?

If you want to find out how to get friend anniversary on Facebook, then you should follow these simple steps. First, open up your Facebook account and click on the “Friends” tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Next, select the person you want to find out their friend anniversary with from the list of friends and click on the “Details” button next to their name. Finally, under the “Events” section, you will be able to see all of the events that have taken place between your two friends over the past year.

Does Facebook still show friend anniversary?

Facebook still shows friend anniversary, however there is no longer a way to view the date as a numerical value. Instead, it will show as “Your friend’s birthday” with the year next to it.

How do you share a friendship anniversary video on Facebook?

To share a friendship anniversary video on Facebook, follow these steps:

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1. Log into your Facebook account.

2. Click on the “Pages” tab in the left-hand column of your Facebook page.

3. In the “Pages” section, click on the name of the friend you want to share your anniversary video with.

4. Underneath the “Posts” heading, click on the “Video” button.

5. On the next screen, click on the “Create a new Video” link.

6. On the next screen, enter a title for your video and choose a creative theme for it (e.g., “Best Friends: 25 Years of Friendship”). Then, select who will be in your video (i.e., friends and family members including yourself), and hit OK to continue.

7. Next, choose who will be sharing your video on their own Facebook page by selecting who will have access to post it there (i.e., friends and family members only). Then, hit OK to continue.

8. Finally, hit publish to share

How do you share a friendship memory on Facebook?

Facebook is a great way to connect with friends and family, but sometimes it can be hard to remember the special moments between you and your friends. Whether you’re trying to share a funny story or commemorate a significant event, here are some tips on how to get friend anniversary on facebook.

To share a memory with your Facebook friends, start by locating the memory you want to share and clicking “Share.” In the “Share” window that pops up, click on the “Text” button and type out your message. You can also attach a photo or video if you’d like. After you’ve finished typing your message, click on the “Send” button. Your friends will now see your memory in their newsfeeds and can react as they please!

What is a friend anniversary?

A friend anniversary is when two people celebrate their anniversary. You can do this by sending a message to your friend or posting on their wall.
You can also send them a gift. If you want to make it more special, you could cook together or go out for dinner.

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What is anniversary follower?

If you have an anniversary coming up and you want to get your Facebook friends to celebrate with you, there are a few things you can do. First, create a custom post on your page that highlights the anniversary and includes a link to where people can buy tickets. Next, send out private messages to your friends asking them to join in on the celebration. And finally, post about the anniversary on your public timeline so everyone can see and congratulate you!

What is Facebook anniversary date?

Facebook anniversary is the day when two people who are friends on Facebook celebrate their first anniversary. When a person signs up for Facebook, they are automatically signed in to their account as well as the account of every other friend they have on Facebook. If you want to celebrate your friend’s anniversary on Facebook, all you have to do is ask them! You can either send them a private message or post a comment on their page.

How can I celebrate my friendship anniversary online?

There are a few ways to celebrate your friendship anniversary online. You can send each other messages, post on each other’s wall, or leave a comment on a photo. You can also create a commemorative video and share it on Facebook. To create a commemorative video, first click the “Create Video” button on your friend’s profile page. Then, select the “Memorial Video” option and enter a title for your video. Next, click the “Create Video” button to start recording. Finally, share your video by posting it on your Facebook page and tagging your friend in the post.

How do you celebrate friendship anniversary?

There’s no need to go out and buy a special gift, or plan an elaborate party – just mark the occasion with a few simple gestures. Here are four ways to show your friends how much you care:

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1. Send them a heartfelt message. Write something like “I wish you all the best on this special day – friendship is the best thing in life!” or “You mean everything to me, and I love you so much!”

2. Invite them over for dinner. Nothing spells comfort like a home-cooked meal together! Consider cooking something special – maybe your friend’s favorite dish.

3. Give them a gift. This can be anything from flowers to tickets to an event they’re interested in. Just make sure it expresses how grateful you are for their friendship!

4. Spend time with them. Whether it’s taking a walk, going for coffee, or watching a movie together, spending quality time with your friends is the best way to show how much you care.


Getting your friend an anniversary gift on Facebook can be a fun and easy task. All you need to do is find a couple of anniversary-themed posts that your friend has liked in the past, add them as friends, and choose a nice post or photo to illustrate the happy occasion. You can also send your friend a private message with the link to the post, or simply leave it up on their profile page for all to see. Thanks for choosing Facebook as your platform for this special day!

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