How to Get Fresh Water in New World


The new world is thirsty. And with more and more people living in urban areas, water supplies are becoming ever-more scarce. In this blog post, we will explore some ways to get fresh water in the new world. We’ll look at how desalination works, the various ways to collect rainwater and more. By understanding these methods, you can help make sure that everyone has access to clean drinking water.

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How to Find Fresh Water in the New World

In the new world, finding fresh water can be a difficult task. There are several ways to find and collect water in the new world, but each method has its own set of risks and rewards.

One way to get fresh water is to collect rainwater. Rainwater is collected when it falls from the sky and runs into the ground. It’s often easy to find rainwater because it contains a lot of liquid, which means it won’t freeze. However, collecting rainwater can be risky because it can contain poisonous elements such as bacteria and chemicals.

Another way to get fresh water is to collect stream or river water. This type of water usually contains fewer pollutants than rainwater, but it can still contain harmful elements like bacteria and parasites. It’s important to clean river or stream water before using it because otherwise, you could contract diseases like dysentery or hepatitis A.

Finally, you can also gather potable (drinkable) water from lakes, ponds, or reservoirs. These types of water usually have low levels of pollutants and are safe to drink if they’re clean enough. However, gathering potable water can be difficult in some cases, because lakes, ponds, and reservoirs tend to be surrounded by vegetation that blocks sunlight from reaching the water surfaces.

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How to Collect and Store Fresh Water

Fresh water is essential for human survival, and it is often difficult to find in the new world. There are a few ways to collect and store fresh water.

One way to collect fresh water is to find a stream or river that flows through your settlement. Fill up containers with the water from the stream and store them nearby. This method is effective if you have access to a large enough supply of fresh water.

Another way to collect fresh water is to build wells. Well, construction can be difficult, but it’s worth it if you have the space and manpower available. Make sure you build your well at a safe location, away from cliffs or other dangerous objects. Once you have built your well, fill it up with fresh water and store it nearby.

If neither of these methods is available to you, then you may need to rely on rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting involves collecting rainwater in cisterns or tanks and storing it for later use. Make sure that your cistern or tank is big enough to hold enough water and that the roof isn’t leaky; otherwise, your rainwater collection system will fail sooner rather than later!

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Where do you collect water in New World?

There are a few ways to collect water in New World. One is to find a body of water and drink from it. Another is to find a source that’s easy to access and fill up your containers. And lastly, you can use rainwater harvesters to acquire fresh water.

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How do you tell fresh water from Salt Water in New World?

To tell if water is fresh or salt, you need to look at the colors. Fresh water will have a clear color while salt water will be colored. Additionally, fresh water will have a weak scent while salt water has a strong smell.

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Where do you get water in Weavers Fen New World?

The Weavers Fen New World allows Sims to get fresh water from several different sources. The first option is to find a water fountain. These are usually found in public spaces, such as squares and parks, and will give Sims access to an unlimited supply of clean water.

Another option is to collect rainwater. This can be done by installing rain collectors around the property or by using a rain machine, which can be purchased at the Buy Mode store. Collected rainwater will eventually run out, but it’ll replenish over time if left unused.

Finally, Sims can also purchase bottled water from the Buy Mode store. This has the added benefit of being able to keep Sims hydrated without having to worry about running out of water altogether.


If you’re living in a new world and you’re not getting fresh water, then there are a few things that you can do to get your hands on some. You could try looking for sources of fresh water close to where you live, or you could head out into the wild and find some underground sources. If all else fails, then you might have to build a water mill!

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