How to find subnet mask on android

Android devices come with a built in network tool that can be used to display the subnet mask for an IP address. The procedure is as follows:

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Open the Settings app on your Android device. Tap on Network and wireless. Tap on the Details tab. Under ‘IP addresses’ type the address you want to view the subnet mask for.Tap on the pencil icon next to the IP address you just entered. On the ‘Default gateway’ line, you will see the IP address of your router. This is also where you enter your router’s DNS server information if you need it.Next, you will need to find out your device’s subnet mask. To do this, type into the ‘Default gateway’ box and press Enter. You will now see a list of IP addresses with their corresponding masks. The first number in each entry is your device’s IP address, and the second number is your device’s subnet mask (e.g., is assigned a mask of

How do I find my mobile subnet mask IP address?

If your mobile device is connected to a cellular network, you can use the Cellular Data Network Diagnostic Tool (CDNT) app from Google Play to find your IP address and subnet mask. You will need to have your device’s IMEI number and network carrier information handy.

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To use CDNT:
1. Open the CDNT app from Google Play on your mobile device
2. Tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen
3. Select Settings
4. Scroll down to Device Info and tap on it
5. Under Device Info, scroll down to Network and tap on it
6. Tap on TCP/IP Settings
7. In the IPv4 Settings section, locate your device’s IP address and subnet mask (or use the search bar if you don’t know what they are)
8. Tap on Save Changes at the bottom of the screen

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How do I find my subnet mask?

If you’re looking to find your subnet mask on an Android device, there are a few different ways to go about it. One method is to open settings and head to network connections. Here, you’ll see an option to view your network information. From here, you can see your IP address and your subnet mask.

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If you don’t want to open settings, another option is to use the built-in app on Android called “IP Navigator.” This app will allow you to view your subnet mask and other networking information.

What is subnet mask in Wi-Fi?

Subnet mask is a special number that identifies a network. In Wi-Fi, the subnet mask is used to identify the network and to determine the size of the network.

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How do I find my gateway on my Android phone?

If you have an Android phone, you can find your gateway by going to Settings and then selecting “Network & Internet.” You’ll see a list of networks, with the name of your network at the top. Look for “Gateway” and find the IP address for your gateway. You can also use a public website or app to lookup your gateway’s IP address.

How do I use ipconfig on Android?

Android has a built in tool for finding your subnet mask called ipconfig. To use it: open the “Settings” app on your Android device, and then go to “Network & Internet.” Tap on “Wi-Fi,” and then enter your Wi-Fi’s name or IP address. Under “Basic settings,” you’ll see your network’s IP address (192.168.1.x), subnet mask (, and gateway address ( If you’re connecting to a wireless network that uses a different subnet mask than your home network, be sure to enter that information too.

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How do I find my mobile network ID?

If you have an Android device, there is a built-in network scanner that can help you find your mobile network ID. To use the network scanner, open Settings on your device and select “Network & Internet.” Then tap “Scan networks.” The network scanner will display all the networks in range of your phone. To identify your mobile network, look for the IP address listed under “Network ID.”

How do I find subnet ID from IP address?

To find the subnet mask from an IP address on Android, open the Settings app and select Wireless & Network. Under “Internet Connections”, tap the connection you want to work with. In the “Details” tab, you’ll see the IP address and a box that says “(IPv4)”. The first number in this box is your IP address, and the second number is your subnet mask.

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What is the subnet of an IP address?

When you want to know the subnet of an IP address, you need to find the network mask. The network mask is a number that tells you which part of the IP address belongs to the network and which part belongs to the host.

To find the network mask for an IP address, use the following steps:

1. Open a command prompt on your computer.
2. Type “ipconfig” and press Enter.
3. Under “IP Address,” click on the green “Netmask” box.
4. Type in the IP address, and then click on the “Up” arrow next to “Network Mask.”
5. The network mask should show up in the “Default Gateway” and “DNS Servers” fields.

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What is my IP address subnet mask and gateway?

If you know your IP address, you can find your subnet mask and gateway by using the following tools:

1. Web browser: Open a web browser and type “ipconfig” in the Address bar. The “IP Configuration” window will open.

2. OS X: Open the “System Preferences” application and click on the Network icon. The “Network” window will open.

3. Windows: Open the “Network and Sharing Center” application and click on the “Network Connections” icon. The “Network Connections” window will open.

4. Linux: Type “ifconfig” in a terminal emulator or use the built-in network configuration utility.


If you’re looking to network with other Android users and need to know how to find your subnet mask, this guide will help. By following these steps, you can quickly and easily determine which IP address belongs to which subnet, allowing you to connect with other devices on that same network without any problems.

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