How to find my airpods case on android

If you misplaced your AirPods case, don’t worry! Here are some easy steps on how to find your AirPods case on Android.

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Can you track down AirPods case?

If you misplaced your AirPods case, fret not! There are a few ways you can track it down on your Android device. The first is to check for notifications from the case. If the case was set up to send you notifications when it’s nearby, then it should show up in your notifications section. Additionally, if you have the AirPods app installed on your phone, you can try looking for the case in the “cases” section. Finally, if all else fails and you can’t find your case, you can reach out to Apple customer service.

How do I find my AirPods on my Samsung?

Finding your AirPods case on Samsung can be a little confusing. Here is a guide to help you locate your AirPods case on your Samsung device.

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1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung device and select ” Device “.
2. At the top of the Device screen, tap on ” AirPods “.
3. If you have AirPods connected to your Samsung device, they will appear in this list. If not, you will need to connect them first.
4. Tap on the ” AirPods ” icon and then select ” paired devices “. You will see a list of all the devices that are currently paired with your AirPods.
5. Scroll down the list and find your Samsung device. The AirPods case should be listed under ” Cases “. If it is not, please try connecting your AirPods to your Samsung device again and follow steps 4-5 above.

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How do you charge an AirPod without a case?

If you lost your AirPods case or don’t have one, you can charge your AirPods without a case. You can do this by connecting the AirPods to your computer with the included Lightning cable, or by using the Apple-branded wireless charging mat.

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How do I Find My lost AirPod offline and dead?

If you’ve misplaced your AirPods case, or if they’ve died, there’s a few things you can do to try and find them.

First, make sure to have the earphones plugged in and active. If they’re not connected to any other devices, they’ll show up as an “AirPods” device in the Android device’s “Settings” menu. Next, go into the “Sound & notification” menu, and tap on ” airplane mode “. This will disable all audio and vibration from your phone, making it more difficult to hear if your AirPods case is nearby.

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If you still can’t find them, you can try using Apple’s Find My iPhone app . Open the app, locate your AirPods case (it should show up as a white Plaque icon), and follow the on-screen instructions.

What if I lost my Airpods Pro case?

If you’ve misplaced your Airpods Pro case, don’t panic! Here are a few tips to help you find your case.

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First, try looking through your home or office for the case. If it’s not there, check your other belongings to see if you’ve misplaced it. If you still can’t find your case, try using the AirPods App to scan the barcode on the back of the case to see if it’s registered on iCloud or Google Photos. If you still can’t find your case, you can email Apple customer service and attach a photo of the case for them to look for.

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How do I track my AirPod case with one AirPod?

If you lost your AirPods case, or if you just want to make sure you don’t lose it again, there are a few ways to track it down.

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1. First, you can try using the Find My Phone app on your Android phone. To do this, open the app and enter your Apple ID and password. Then, tap on “Find My iPhone” and follow the prompts to find your AirPods case.

2. If your phone has GPS capabilities, you can also try using the location services to track down the AirPods case. Open the Settings app on your phone and select “Location.” Then, tap on “System Services” and select “Location History.” From here, you can see where your AirPods case has been throughout the day.

Can I ping my AirPods?

If you have misplaced your AirPods case, there are a few methods you can use to find it.

First, you can try searching for the case using the Apple ID and password that were registered when you received your AirPods. If you registered your case using iCloud, the search will also include any devices with an associated iCloud account.

If you registered your case using iTunes, you can try searching for it on a computer or in iTunes on an iPhone or iPad. Finally, if you registered your case using Android Device Manager (ADM), you can search by device name and serial number.

How do I find the location of my AirPods?

If you’ve misplaced your AirPods case, you can easily find it on your Android device by following these steps:

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1. Open the “Settings” app on your Android phone.

2. Under “General,” tap “Location.”

3. Enter your Apple ID password if prompted.

4. Under “Accounts,” tap “Apple.”

5. Tap “Find My AirPods.” The location of your AirPods will be listed under “Device Lost/Found.”


If you’ve misplaced your AirPods case, don’t worry! Here are a few tips to help you find it. First, make sure that you’re looking in the right place. If you have your iPhone paired with your AirPods, they should show up as an available device under “Bluetooth Devices” on your iPhone’s Settings app. If not, try looking in the vicinity of where you last had them connected — like on a desk or table near where you were sitting. You can also scan through the list of registered devices under “My Devices” in the Apple Watch app if you don’t see yours there. If all else fails and you still can’t find it, please reach out to customer support at Apple: they may be able to provide more assistance than we could here on our website.

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