How to Do The Wrist Shot in NHL 23

The wrist shot is one of the most iconic techniques in all of hockey. It can be used to open up the defense, create space for teammates, and score goals. But how do you do it? In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about the wrist shot in NHL 23. From the controls to tips and tricks, we have you covered. So get ready to pull off some wrist shots like a pro!

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What is the Wrist Shot in NHL 23?

The wrist shot is a powerful move that can be used in both offensive and defensive situations. You can use it to score goals, disrupt goaltenders, or protect your goal. Here’s how to do the wrist shot in NHL 23:

1. Face the net and take a standing position with your palms facing forward.

2. Stick your left arm out and stick your right hand up in the air.

3. Snap your wrists forward so that your hands are parallel to each other, and then swing them back down to your sides.

How to Do The Wrist Shot in NHL 23

In NHL 23, the wrist shot remains one of the most effective scoring methods. Here’s how to do it:

1. Stand facing your opponent with your stick on the ice and shoulder-width apart.
2. Extend your arms and make a “W” with your palms facing each other.
3. Bring your wrists up so that the back of your hand is against your forehead, then snap your wrists forward so that the puck goes into the net from between your hands.

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Tips for Success

If you’re looking to add some firepower to your arsenal as a hockey player, the wrist shot might be the move for you. Here are some tips for success:

-Get Low: When you shoot the wrist shot, it helps to get low and slow the puck down. This will give your goaltender less time to react and stop the puck.
-Beat The Defenseman with Speed: Once you’ve slowed the puck down, use your speed to beat the defenseman. Be quick on your feet and keep your head up. If you can get by him, chances are good that the goalie will have no chance of stopping the puck.
-Aim for Your Feet: When shooting the wrist shot, aim for your feet rather than into the net. This way, if you miss, your goalie won’t have too much time to make a save.

How do you do a wrist shot in the NHL?

There are a few different ways to do the wrist shot in the NHL. The most common way is to shoot your wrist while keeping your arm and hand stationary. Another way is to hold your hand down by your side and shoot with your fingers pointing up.

You should also aim for the top of the net if you’re shooting left-handed, and aim lower if you’re shooting right-handed. You can also use a spin move or a saucer move to help score goals.

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How do you get a wrist shot power-up in NHL 22?

In NHL 22, you can power up your wrist shot by using the proper timing and technique. Here’s how to do it:

1. Start by facing the net and positioning yourself in front of the puck.

2. Place your left hand on top of the puck and keep your right hand extended outwards.

3. Snap your wrists quickly so that your fingers are perpendicular to each other and the puck is between them.

4. Keep your wrist bent as you release the puck so that it shoots toward the net with as much power as possible.

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How do you take wrist shots in NHL 21?

NHL 21 introduces a new way to score goals – wrist shots. This new method of scoring is done by shooting the puck off the player’s wrist, rather than their hand.

To take a wrist shot in NHL 21, first, make sure you have the “Wrist Shot” talent available on your skill tree. Once you have this ability, select the puck and press it. You’ll then be able to use your mouse to control the movement of the puck as you shoot it off your wrist.

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How do you take a wrist shot?

The wrist shot is a popular shot in hockey because it is an easy shot to take and can be a powerful shot. To take a wrist shot, start by facing the net and holding your stick out in front of you. Bend your arm so that your hand is close to your leg and shoot the puck toward the net. Make sure to use your wrist and flick your wrists before shooting the puck.


The wrist shot is a powerful tool in the arsenal of any NHL player. It can be used as a primary or secondary scoring weapon and can be effective from anywhere on the ice. Here are four tips for mastering the wrist shot:

1. Get low – When shooting the wrist shot, make sure to get low to ensure a good release. This will help you avoid being blocked and give you more accuracy.

2. Keep your backhand close to your body – When shooting the wrist shot, your backhand should stay close to your body so that you have better control over the puck.

3. Shoot towards the net – When shooting the wrist shot, aim towards the net so that you can put pressure on the goalie. This will give you an advantage in scoring goals.

4. Be patient – The wrist shot is a difficult shot to master, but with practice, it can become one of your go-to scoring options on offense.

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