How to Design a Greeting Card

Today from shopping to education, everything is getting digital. There is no such sector that you can not find online and creating greeting cards is one of them. With the current software and technology, you can create a lot of ecards for yourself. Want to know how to create one? Read out the following article to find out how you can create free online ecards.

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How to create free online e-cards?

Following are the steps that you need to create greeting cards online-

Think about why you need it

The first step to creating online e-cards is to know for what occasion you are creating the card. This information will help look for the kind templates you need for your e-card. This is important as designs for business cards are different from the informal cards. Therefore choosing the right template for your card is extremely important.

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Finding out the right website

The next step is to find the right website for creating greeting cards. Postermywall is one of the most simple and easiest websites where you can create your e-cards. This is one of the websites that provides you with a wide range of layouts and tools that will help you in customizing greeting cards. You can create simple, designer, and free online e-cards and even digital business cards from this website.

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Choosing the right templates

You can get a lot of free online templates to choose from. Consider the purpose you have for making the card. You will have to choose the right template for you. There are various themes based on restaurants, parties, branding, education, inspiration, and a lot of others. Therefore, you must decide on the right type of template for your purpose.

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Uploading pictures

Photos add life to an otherwise plain greeting card. Suppose you are creating a greeting card for someone’s birthday then you can add his/her picture. Additionally, you can add different kinds of pictures like cakes, balloons and candy to further personalize the card. Use photos and stickers to make your greeting card eye-catching and personalized. 


The next step is to customize the card. On your free online ecards with the help of the platform, you can easily be customized using different tools. You can add or customize the borders, change the background color, add some design elements, and do a lot of other things to it. Most of these tools are free so you can easily use these services. 

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Personalize with text content

You can find the option for adding up the text and even customize the style and font of the text to suit your needs. Some commonly used greeting card fonts are Clyburn, lavender script and Duffy script. Make sure to add text content that compliments the background. Use text to add some thoughts or a memorable quote to it.

Saving the document

The final stage is to save the document. You can save it in a PDF, a PPT, or in PNG format. You can also directly share your design from the website itself, by copying the link provided on it. If you want, you can even print the card you created on the website. 

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Digital greetings have been in trend for a while. You would also have received such digital cards many times. To make such free online e-cards, all you need to get is one of the best online card-making websites for you. With the help of the website, you can create amazing ecards. They give you free tools like adding text, and images, changing the font style, etc that you can use to customize your cards. 


What to include on a greeting card?

A greeting card’s sole goal is to introduce yourself and let the recipient know you’re thinking of them. You may use a few lines or a block of text. Then, to make it more attractive, you can use pictures, add borders, images, etc.

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How to get photo card-making ideas?

If you are not sure about the ideas for your greeting cards, you can always jump into the different templates from postermywall gallery. You can get several templates, out of which you can select the one depending on your need. These templates depend upon the different themes. There are several themes like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, business proposals, Christmas eve, etc on this website. 

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