How to Deal With the iPhone Gmail App No Connection Problems

Is your iPhone constantly giving a message ‘iPhone Gmail app no connection’? Don’t know why you are receiving this message, although other internet functions are connected and working properly. There are several factors that can lead to this issue, including random in-app bugs or unstable internet connection. If your Gmail is not working, try the solutions mentioned in this article.

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The Gmail app is highly responsive, but it may trouble you while you attempt to send an email. That usually happens when you’re not connected to the internet. Other possible reasons include mistakenly disabling Gmail as background running apps or logging in to the wrong Gmail account.

The primary solution is to delete the Mail app on iPhone as it might conflict with Gmail functioning. Similar to learning how to delete Mail application on Mac computers, you should learn how to get rid of the Mail application on your iPhone. If that doesn’t solve the issue, try the following methods to fix Gmail problems.

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Re-launch Gmail App

Swipe up from the screen bottom and release when you see the app cards or previews. Swipe sideways in the app switcher to find the Gmail app card. Restart your iPhone by pressing and holding the Side and Volume Up buttons for some seconds. Release them when you see the Slide to Power off. Drag the bar to shut down your device. After 30 seconds, press and hold the Side button and release it when the Apple logo is available.

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Refresh Your Internet Connection

Since Gmail requires internet service, it can stop functioning or work poorly if there is any problem with internet connectivity. So, check if you have a stable internet connection using an internet speed tester. Or, toggle on and off cellular data and WiFi. For this, scroll down to access the control center. Then, toggle on and off the cellular and wireless data based on your connection.

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Delete and Re-add Gmail Account

Another solution to solve this issue is to delete or refresh the Gmail account to revitalize your account. It is completely safe as it would not remove any personal data. To delete the account, open Settings, scroll down, and click Mail. Tap on Accounts, click Gmail, and then select Delete Account. Next, click Delete for confirmation. To add an account, click on Add Account in the Accounts option. Choose Google and enter a valid Gmail ID & password.

Turn Off iPhone Restrictions

Restrictions can prevent third-party apps such as Gmail from working properly. So, disable the restrictions on your iPhone settings. Click Settings from your Home screen and choose Screen Time. Click Content & Privacy Restrictions and tap Allowed Apps. Toggle the Mail switch to turn off the restrictions. Now, return to the Home screen and reload the Gmail app to figure out if it is working or not.

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Reset iPhone Network Settings

Resetting network settings on iPhone will remove all current network configurations and restore the default network values. This method is also safe, so there is no need to backup files. For resetting, click Settings from the Home screen and select General. Scroll down and click Reset. Select Reset network settings and submit your password. Click Reset network settings again for confirmation. Then, re-launch the Gmail app.

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Enable IMAP

Disabling this feature will stop your Gmail app from working as it allows accessing and syncing with other users. So, enable IMAP, ensuring you login into your computer. To start the process, open the official Gmail site and sign in with an accurate ID and password. Now, click on Settings and then on All Settings. Navigate to Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Click Enable IMAP and then tap Save Changes.

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Update your iPhone and Gmail

Gmail apps could also be a problem. So, update it by finding Gmail in the App Store. Click on Gmail and then tap on Update if any latest version is available. If updating the Gmail app doesn’t solve the problem, try updating your iPhone to the new iOS version. Open Settings and click General. Tap on Software Update and then click Download and Install. Submit your passcode to download the new software update.

Enable Background App Refresh

Generally, users are aware of their mail when they open the app. You won’t receive any notifications if you disable Background App Refresh, as it would not run in the background. That’s why you might think that Gmail is not working. So, enable it by opening Settings. Click on General and navigate to Background App Refresh. Note that Gmail must be enabled when you turn on this feature.

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When you are experiencing an iPhone Gmail app no connection error, do not simply attempt to reinstall the app; instead, try the simple workaround methods mentioned above. If the problem is due to random errors, quit the Gmail app and launch it again. If it doesn’t work, try other troubleshooting solutions to get your Gmail back up and functioning properly.

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