How to clean nike slides

It can be difficult to keep your sneakers looking their best. Especially if you have a lot of them, or you wear them regularly. Here are three ways to clean your nike slides quickly and easily!

How do you wash Nike sliders?

Nike uses a synthetic material for their slides. This means that they are not as susceptible to dirt and grime. However, just like any other shoe, they can be cleaned with a standard cleaning regimen. Follow these steps to clean your Nike slides:

– Remove the slide from the shoes and place it in a tub of warm soapy water.

– Use a brush to scrub the surface of the slide clean. Make sure to get into the crevices and corners.

– Rinse the slide off and let it air dry.

– If you have scuffed or scratched the surface of the slide, you will need to use a shoe polish to restore its original shine.

How do you get the smell out of Nike slides?

Nike slides are a popular shoe choice for children and adults. However, if you don’t clean them regularly, they can start to smell bad. Luckily, cleaning Nike slides is easy if you follow these steps:

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1. Remove the slide from the shoe.
2. Pour some white vinegar onto a cotton ball and place it inside the slide.
3. Close the slide back up and wait 10 minutes.
4. Open the slide and remove the cotton ball.
5. Wipe down the slide with a dry cloth to clean it.

Can I put my slides in the washing machine?

The short answer is no. Putting your slides in the washing machine can lead to damage, and even potentially dangerous chemicals being used.

To clean them, you will need to use a cleaner and soft cloth. If the slide has dirt or dust on it, you can use a damp cloth to clean it off. Make sure to dry the slide before storing it.

How do you clean sandal slides?

There are a few ways to clean sandal slides. The easiest way is to use a mild soap and warm water. Soak the slides for about 10 minutes, then rinse them off with cold water. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean them. Make sure you use the right type of vacuum cleaner and attachment for sandals.

Can Nike slides get wet?

Nike slides can get wet – but not to the point where they will no longer function. If water gets inside the slide, it can cause corrosion and damage. To clean Nike slides, follow these simple steps:

1) Remove any debris that has built up on the slide over time. This includes dried sweat, dirt, and hair.

2) Wipe down the slide with a dry cloth to remove any excess liquid or moisture.

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3) Apply a coat of clear shoe polish to the slide and let it dry completely.

Can I wash my Nike shoes in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash your Nike shoes in the washing machine. Follow these simple steps:
1. Remove the shoes from their packaging and place them in a single layer on a clean dry surface.
2. Fill the washing machine with cold water and add a mild detergent.
3. Put the shoes in the washing machine and turn it on.
4. wait until the washing machine finishes loading the clothes and then turn it off.
5. Remove the shoes and let them dry completely before wearing them again.

Why do my slides stink?

Nike slides can be a little smelly if not cleaned often. There are a few ways to clean Nike slides: using a scrub brush, using soap and water, or using a deodorizing spray.

Why do Nike shoes make my feet stink?

Nike slides are known for their durable construction and breathable fabric. However, this design also means that the shoes can contain a lot of bacteria. If you’re not careful when cleaning them, nike slides can cause your feet to smell bad. Here are four ways to clean Nike slides and keep your feet smelling great:

1. Use warm water and soap: Fill a basin with warm water and soap. Wet the slides and scrub them clean with a soft cloth. Make sure to get under the straps and around the edges.

2. Use a vinegar solution: Mix one part white vinegar to three parts water in a spray bottle. Spray the vinegar solution onto the slides and let it sit for five minutes. Wipe off the vinegar with a cloth, then rinse well with warm water.

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3. Use baking soda: Sprinkle some baking soda onto a cloth and wet it before using it to scrub the slides clean. Rinse well with cool water after use.

4. Use an air freshener: If none of these methods work, try using an air freshener to mask the smell of dirty Nike slides.


If you wear nike slides, it’s important to know how to clean them properly so that they last longer and look their best. Here are a few tips:
1. Make sure the slides are completely dry before cleaning.
2. Use a mild soap or detergent in warm water and pour enough water on the slide to cover it. Soak for at least five minutes, then rinse off with cool water.
3. If the slides become stained again, repeat steps 2-4 until the stain is gone.

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