How to clean hey dude shoes insoles

Hey dude shoes are popular footwear among the youth. They are comfortable and stylish at the same time. But like any other type of shoe, they need to be cleaned from time to time. In this article, we will show you how to clean hey dude shoes insoles.

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Can you wash Hey Dude insoles?

Yes, you can wash Hey Dude insoles in the washing machine. Simply remove them from the shoes and place them in a large bowl. Fill the bowl with warm water and add a small amount of detergent. Soak the insoles for a few minutes, then drain and dry them.

How do you clean memory foam insoles?

There are many ways to clean memory foam insoles. Here are three methods:

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1) Soak in a solution of white vinegar and water for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry.
2) Use a vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment to clean insoles. Make sure to cover all surfaces of the insoles.
3) Use a pre-packaged memory foam cleaning kit, such as this one from Master Cleanser.

What are soles of Hey dudes made of?

Hey dudes shoes are made of a variety of different materials. Vinyl is the most common, but there are also rubber and cloth soles. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Vinyl soles are the most durable and affordable option. They are also easy to clean, but they can be difficult to keep looking new. Rubber soles are more expensive and offer better durability, but they can be more difficult to clean and may not look as good after a while. Cloth soles offer the best combination of durability and appearance, but they can be more difficult to clean.

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Do Hey Dude shoes have rubber soles?

Hey Dude shoes are made with a rubber sole, but do they require special care? In fact, the rubber in Hey Dude shoes is extra durable so you don’t need to worry about it wearing down over time. However, because the rubber is so strong, you’ll want to make sure you clean it regularly to avoid buildup and odor. Here’s how:

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1) Wet your hands and rub the soles of the shoes together until they’re wet.

2) Apply a mild soap solution to a sponge and scrub the soles of the shoes clean.

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3) Rinse off the soap solution and let the shoes dry.

Can you wear Hey Dudes in water?

Hey Dude shoes are definitely a unique style and can be really fun to wear. However, like with any other type of shoe, they need to be cleaned regularly in order to keep them looking and feeling their best. In this article, we will show you how to clean Hey Dude shoes insoles in the easiest way possible!

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Materials needed:

-Shower or bathtub
-Rubber gloves
-Bucket or container large enough to hold water
-Broom or mop
-Dusting cloths

We recommend using a bucket or container instead of a shower because it is easier to clean up once everything is done. Fill the bucket or container with enough water to cover the insoles. Soap them well and let them soak for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, take them out of the water and place them in the shower or bathtub. Let them soak for another 5 minutes, then take them out and dry them off.
Rub the insoles with a towel to get rid of any excess water. If there are still wet spots, repeat steps 4

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Do Hey Dudes stretch out?

Hey dudes, do your insoles ever start to feel tight after a while? It can be tough to keep your shoes looking new – even if you only wear them a few times a week. But fret not! There are ways to clean your hey dude shoes insoles without having to go through the hassle of taking them off and putting them back on. Here are three easy steps:

1) Wet your hands and wring them out.

2) Soak the insoles in a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes.

3) Remove the insoles from the water and place them on a clean surface.

4) Use a brush or cloth to scrub the insoles clean.

Do Hey dudes make your feet stink?

Hey dudes might seem like a harmless fashion accessory, but if you wear them long-term they could be making your feet stink. Hey dudes are made of porous rubber and when your feet sweat and bacteria accumulates, the hey dude will trap that moisture and cause an unpleasant smell. Here are four tips to help clean your hey dude shoes insoles:

1. Remove your shoes and socks. This will help you get a good grip on the shoe and remove any built up dirt or debris.

2. Use a mild soap solution. Soap can take away the surface dirt, dried sweat, and bacteria that causes smells. Make sure to rinse off the soap completely before putting your shoes back on.

3. Air dry the insoles for several hours. This will help remove any lingering moisture and odors from the insoles.

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4. Use a deodorizing spray if necessary. A deodorizing spray will neutralize any bad smells that may still be lingering in the insoles after cleaning.

Can you machine wash foam insoles?

Yes! You can machine wash foam insoles in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. Be sure to remove all the tags and packaging before putting them in the machine.

Are shoe insoles machine washable?

Yes, many insoles are machine washable. However, it is important to read the care label first to ensure that the insoles can be washed in a machine. If you are unsure if the insoles can be washed in a machine, then it is best to hand-wash them instead.


So you’ve got some dirty shoes and you don’t know how to clean them. Don’t worry, we have the solution! In this article, we will show you how to clean your hey dude shoes insoles using a few simple steps. By following these tips, you can ensure that your insoles are always looking their best and ready for any occasion!

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