How to Clean Blue Light Glasses

Are you one of those people who struggles to see in the dark? Maybe you’re one of the few people who can still see in the sunshine, but after a few glasses of wine at night, your vision goes to hell. No worries, you’re not alone. Blue light is a type of light that has a negative impact on our eyes and can cause problems like headaches and eyestrain. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate these effects. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to clean blue light glasses so you can enjoy brighter evenings without any pain or bother.

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What are Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light glasses are eyeglasses that filter out blue light, which is a type of light that stimulates the retina and can lead to eye fatigue and other problems. They can be bought online or at some pharmacies. To clean them, soak them in warm water and mild detergent for 10 minutes, then rinse them with cool water.

How do Blue Light Glasses Damage Your Eyes?

Your eyes are sensitive to blue light and can be injured by using blue light glasses. Blue light glasses block out some of the blue light that is harmful to your eyes. However, these glasses also block out other colors of light, which can make it difficult to see. Some people wear blue light glasses all day long to avoid eye strain. But wearing them for too long can cause problems.

When you wear blue light glasses all day long, your eyes become desensitized to the harmful effects of blue light. This means that you don’t respond as well to pain when your eyes are hurt or when you have an infection. The lack of response from your eyes can lead to permanent damage.

Wearing blue light glasses for an extended period can also lead to other problems like eyestrain and fatigue. Eyestrain is a common problem because wearing blue light glasses prevents your eyes from moving naturally in their sockets. This leads to tension in the muscles around the eye and can lead to headaches and migraines later on in life. And fatigue is a common side effect of wearing blue light glasses because they reduce how well you see in dim lighting conditions.

So what should you do if you’re using blue light glasses? First, try not to wear them all day long. Try limiting yourself to wearing them during specific times of the day, like during work or when you’re studying for exams. And if you do need to use them all day long, try

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How to Clean Blue Light Glasses

Cleaning blue light glasses is a simple and easy task that can be completed in just a few minutes. All you will need are some mild soap and water, and a cloth or a microfiber towel.

First, wet the cloth or towel in the water and add enough soap to cover the surface of the glass. Wipe it clean using circular motions on both the inside and outside of the glass. Make sure to remove any excess soap residue before replacing the glasses on your face.

If you are using a cloth, be sure to wring it out completely before placing it in the bin. If you are using a microfiber towel, simply fold it up and place it in the bin when you are finished with it.

Can you damage blue light glasses?

If you wear blue light-blocking glasses, you may be wondering if they can be damaged. The short answer is no – blue light-blocking glasses are not breakable or delicate. However, if they are dirty or scratched, the lenses may not function as intended and could cause discomfort when worn. In general, it is recommended that blue light-blocking glasses be kept clean and free of dust and debris to ensure their optimal performance.

The easiest way to keep blue light-blocking glasses clean is to store them in a dry location. If they do get dirty, you can gently wipe them with a microfiber cloth or a mild dishwashing detergent diluted in water. Do not use any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as this could damage the lenses. To avoid scratches on the lenses, always handle them with care.

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Can the blue light coating be removed from glasses?

If you have blue light glasses, it may be difficult to remove the blue coating. You can try a variety of methods, but some may work better than others. Some tips for cleaning blue light glasses include:
-Wash with soap and water.
-Use a toothbrush to scrub the coating off.
-Rub alcohol on a cloth and wipe the glasses clean.
-Spray rubbing alcohol on a cloth and then use it to scrub the lenses.
-Put the glasses in a bowl of warm water and submerge them for 10 minutes.
-Rinse with cool water and dry thoroughly.

Why did my blue light glasses turn yellow?

If you have been using blue light glasses to protect your eyes from the sun, it is probably time to replace them. Over time, the blue light in these glasses can turn yellow-brown due to oxidation. This yellowing can reduce the effectiveness of the glasses, making them difficult to see. Fortunately, cleaning and restoring your blue light glasses is easy and can be done at home.

Here are three steps to cleaning and restoring your blue light glasses:

1) Start by removing any debris or dust that may have collected on the lenses over time. Use a clean cloth or vacuum cleaner to clean them thoroughly. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.

2) Next, mix one part vinegar with two parts water in a small container. Dip a cloth into this mixture and wet it well before wiping down the lenses of your blue light glasses. Be sure to use a circular motion on the lenses to ensure even coverage. Rinse off the glasses after cleaning them with water.

3) Finally, apply a coat of clear sealant to each lens of your blue light glasses. This will help preserve their color and make them easier to see. Let the sealant dry completely before using your glasses again

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Can I clean my computer glasses with water?

If you wear computer glasses, you may be wondering if you can clean them with water. It’s a good idea to do so! Water can remove the dried sweat and other residues that can make your glasses foggy or cloudy. You should also rinse your glasses with fresh water every time you wear them for long periods, especially if you work in an environment with high levels of dust or allergens.


Are you ever plagued by dirty glasses? If you’re someone who frequently struggles to keep your glasses clean, then this guide is for you. In it, we’ll show you how to clean blue light glasses the right way so that they stay looking good for longer. Not only will following our tips stop your glasses from becoming a mess almost as soon as you put them on, but they will also protect your eyes from harmful blue light exposure. So don’t wait any longer: get started cleaning your blue light glasses today!

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