how to change youtube quality on ps4

There are a few different ways to change the quality of YouTube videos on your PlayStation 4. You can use the video quality options in the YouTube app, or you can go to Settings > System > Video Quality and select one of the three options – Low, Medium, or High.

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How do you change video quality on PS4?

If you want to improve the quality of your YouTube videos on PS4, there are a few simple steps that you can take.

First, open YouTube and select the video that you want to improve the quality of. Next, press the Options button on your controller and select Quality from the menu.

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You can now choose between Good, Better, and Best quality levels. The higher the quality level, the better the video will look on your screen. However, note that videos with a high quality level will take more bandwidth and storage space on your PS4 system.

How do you change the quality on YouTube?

To change the quality on YouTube, you need to open the YouTube app and go to the main menu. Then, go to “Settings.” On the “Quality” page, you’ll find three options: “Best for most devices,” “HD,” and “SD.” You can choose which quality you want to use depending on your device.

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Can you change default YouTube quality?

Many people use YouTube to watch video content, and they may want to change the quality of the videos that they watch. This can be done by changing the default YouTube quality.

To change the default YouTube quality, go to the YouTube app on your device and select the Settings icon. From here, you will be able to change the quality of videos that you watch. You can choose between Standard, High Quality, and Ultra HD.

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How do I change YouTube quality selector?

To change the YouTube quality for your PS4, first open the YouTube app. You can find it in the PlayStation Store or on the PlayStation Home screen.

Once you’re in the YouTube app, select the video you want to change the quality of. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the video screen. This will open up the video’s options menu.

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On the options menu, click on “Quality.” This will open up a new window that lets you choose between standard, high, and ultra quality.

How do I make my PS4 video 1080p?

PS4 users can change their default YouTube quality to 1080p with a few simple steps.

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The YouTube app on PS4 offers users the ability to change their default video quality to 1080p. This setting is accessed by going to “Settings” and selecting “YouTube”.

Once in YouTube, users will see a row of icons at the top of the screen. The first icon (the one in the middle) is the quality icon. Right below that is the “1080p” option. Clicking on this will change the video quality to 1080p.

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Does PS4 capture 1080p?

Sony PlayStation 4 is a powerful gaming hardware that allows you to play games at 1080p resolution. However, some people have reported that their PS4 captures lower resolutions than 1080p.

There are several factors that can affect the quality of the footage captured by your PS4. One of the most common factors is the quality of the internet connection that you are using. If you are using a poor internet connection, then your PS4 may be forced to capture lower resolution footage.

Other factors that can affect the quality of footage captured by your PS4 include the features and settings of your TV. If you have a high-definition TV, then your PS4 may be able to capture higher resolution footage than if you have a standard-definition TV.

If you are experiencing problems with the quality of footage captured by your PS4, then there are several steps that you can take to improve the quality of footage. First, try to connect to a better internet connection. Second, make sure that your TV is properly configured and tuned. Third, try to adjust the features and settings of your PS4 in order to improve the quality of footage.

How do I fix the resolution on my PS4?

If you’re trying to watch YouTube videos on your PlayStation 4, but they’re applying a low resolution to the video instead of the full 1080p resolution that YouTube prefers, you can fix the issue by following these steps:

1. From the Home screen, select the PS4 System Settings icon.
2. Select Media and Devices.
3. Select YouTube and then select Quality settings.
4. Change the resolution to 1080p HD.
5. Save your changes and try watching a video again.

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What resolution is PS4?

PS4 Resolution is 1920×1080. You can adjust PS4 resolution in Settings menu under System. You can choose from Low, Medium, High or Ultra settings.


If you’re looking to improve the video quality on your PlayStation 4, there are a few things that you can do. First, make sure that your PS4 is connected to the internet and that your connection is stable. Next, go to Settings > System > Video Output and choose from one of the available resolutions. Finally, try increasing either the bitrate or frame rate.

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