How many reports on facebook can delete an account

We’ve all seen the headlines. Facebook is taking down thousands of accounts a day because they violate their terms of service. But what are the terms of service? And how do you know if you’re violating them? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Facebook’s policies and see if you might be affected by them.

How many reports does an account need to be deleted?

Facebook has a simple guideline for how many reports an account needs to receive before it is deleted: if an individual has received three reports from different people, their account will be deleted. If an individual has received two reports from different people, their account will be suspended for 30 days and then may be deleted if they receive another report within that 30-day period.

Does reporting a post on Facebook delete it?

Yes, reporting a post on Facebook will delete it.

How can I get someones Facebook account deleted?

If you want to get someone’s Facebook account deleted, there are a few ways you can go about it. The first way is to send them a notification that their account is being deleted, and then they have seven days to take action. If they don’t take any action within the seven day period, their account will be deleted. The second way is to send them a message asking them to confirm their account deletion. If they respond with an error code, then their account will be deleted. The third way is to send them a message asking them to confirm their account deletion and if they don’t respond, then their account will be deleted.

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What happens to a Facebook account when it is reported?

If you are reported on Facebook, your account will be suspended. After your account is suspended, Facebook will send you a message saying that your account has been suspended for violating our community standards. If your account is not suspended but you still feel that it needs to be resolved, you can go to and ask for help resolving the issue.

Can I know who reported me on Facebook?

Facebook provides users with a way to manage and respond to reports. Reports are submitted by other Facebook users in order to provide feedback on what they believe is inappropriate or offensive content. Reports can be sent anonymously or with the user’s name attached. The person who reports content can choose whether or not they want the report to be visible to the user whose content was reported.

If a user receives multiple reports from different people on the same post, post, or page, Facebook will show a warning message indicating that content has been reported multiple times. In some cases, Facebook may remove the content from its site entirely if it receives too many reports.

How fast do Facebook reports respond?

Facebook reports can delete an account within minutes. However, there is no set time frame for when a report will be processed and the user’s account deleted.

What happens if you report a Facebook account as fake?

If you report a Facebook account as fake, the account will be disabled and no new posts or messages will be sent from it.

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How do you put someone in jail on Facebook?

Facebook allows you to report someone for a range of reasons, such as if the person is harassing you or posting violent content. Once reported, the person’s account will be suspended pending further investigation. If the person is found guilty of violating Facebook’s community standards, their account can be deleted.


Facebook has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Reports claim that they have been deleting user accounts left and right. This has caused a lot of people to be worried about their safety and privacy on the site. However, it is important to remember that Facebook is a private platform and the company has the right to delete any account that violates their terms of service. Here are the exact guidelines that Facebook follows when deleting user accounts:

-If an account is deleted for breaking terms of service, it must have had at least one reported violation before deletion.
-If an account is deleted for security reasons, it must have had multiple reported violations and have been inactive for 30 days or more.

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