How Google Chrome Journeys Might Be Enough to Tempt You Away From Safari!

Google is the common platform we all use, we find out things from Google. Google is the biggest search engine platform that launched chrome and became a free web browser. Google Chrome lets people find the stuff easily but what happens sometimes is to find out the exact web page that you were reading last month. It won’t matter how hard you try, you will not get the data that you want. 

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Do you know what the exciting part is? 

Google introduces a new feature that can fix these problems which have become big today. The feature was there in safari but google overtook that and by this article, you will come to know Chrome Journeys Might Be Enough to Tempt You Away From Safari. This feature of Google Chrome will be more useful than a search history, it helps you to track the page where you have been and so on. The new feature in the Google Chrome desktop browser is “Journeys”. 

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What are Google Chrome Journeys?

Do you get frustrated by the things you saw before but aren’t able to see now? If yes, then you are at the appropriate place as you will come to have a solution to this problem. Google Chrome projected an incredible feature named Journeys. It is a browser feature that once you enable it will respond automatically. When you type something related you have searched before but lost them, it can take you over to those web pages. 

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Whenever you resume your research and go somewhere and when you return all the data disappears which you searched for. But this feature will collect those sites which you searched for, by visiting the Google Chrome Journey Page you can easily take over those sites. Isn’t it amazing to get back to those sites which are important for you? The feature is creating wonders and is valued by everyone. 

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How does Google Chrome Journeys work?

Now you are aware of the journeys feature. But do you know how it works? Let us know how the features help us by viewing how to utilize them. There are two appropriate ways of using it. Below are the instructions:

  • Method 1- How can you use it with the help of History:
  • Step 1- Open your device and open Google Chrome.
  • Step 2- Now open the History section and then tap on show full history
  • Step 3- For example, once you searched for nature and now you have to type nature in the search box there.
  • Step 4- All the activities related to that research earlier will be shown there. This feature will tell you how many times you have interacted with that site and so on. 
  •    Method 2- By using the search bar:
  • Step 1- Firstly, open Google Chrome and type the topic which we searched before ‘nature’.
  • Step 2- After searching, tap on click on “Resume your research”.

Here you are down with the working of the google chrome journeys. The feature is optional if you don’t want to use it, you can turn it off.

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Why Chrome Journeys Might Be Enough to Tempt You Away From Safari?

Though Safari has taken place in the hearts of many people. But google chrome overtook that by continuing to launch new features one by one which are being adored by billions of people. The browser war is being fought on the battleground of security and privacy. Safari is more private and also more secure. 

Chrome is run by Google, which means that your private data is a suitable game, but it’s also more capable and more compatible. So it’s obvious that chrome overtook safari and by the launch of this feature journeys, it has put safari way back. This is just the beginning of a new kind of browser war that concentrates on making the web more comfortable to guide and less irritating overall.

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          Few remarkable Google Chrome Features 
     New downloads shortcuts in the toolbar.                 Tab search feature.                 Link sharing feature.     New chrome widgets for android smartphones.                Change background color.     Journeys feature[explained above].             Mute audio button for each tab. 

Wrapping up the Context 

Journeys, it’s an impressive feature pitched by Google Chrome. It is a browser feature that once you enable it will respond automatically. When you type something related you have searched before but lost them, it can take you over to those web pages. Sounds incredible? Yeah! You can now have access to your searched data and your research. In this guide, you will see how this feature works and how chrome journeys are enough to tempt you all away from safari. I hope this guide will help you in your difficult times.  

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