how do i reset my viasat modem

If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet or your modem isn’t working as it should, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. In this article, we’ll show you how to reset your viasat modem using a variety of methods.

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What do the lights on My Viasat modem mean?

If your modem light is blinking, it means that it needs to be reset. To reset your modem, unplug it from the wall, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in. If the blinking light stopped after you reset it, then there might be a problem with your modem. You can try troubleshooting the problem by following the instructions that came with your modem.

Why is My Viasat Internet not working?

If you are having trouble connecting to the internet through your Viasat modem, there is a simple solution. Resetting your modem may resolve some of the issues you are experiencing.

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To reset your modem:
1. Disconnect the power cord from the back of your modem.
2. Open the front cover and remove all the screws holding the motherboard in place.
3. Hold down the reset button on the back of the modem for at least 10 seconds.

4. Replace the motherboard and screw it in place.
5. Reattach power cord and reconnect to wall outlet.

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If this does not resolve your issue, try one of these other solutions:
1. Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet through a different device, such as a router or cable modem (not just through your Viasat modem).
2. Reset your network settings by following these steps:
1) On your computer, open a web browser and type “control-alt-delete” into the address bar. This will open up a command prompt window (a black box with white text on it).
2) Type “reboot” into the command prompt

Why is My Viasat modem red?

If your Viasat modem is red, it may be because there is a problem with the connection. Try the following steps to reset your modem:

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1. Disconnect all cables from the modem and router.
2. Reset the modem by pressing the “Reset” button on the front of the unit and selecting “Yes” when asked if you want to reset the device.
3. Reconnect all cables and try connecting to your Viasat service again.

How do I access My Viasat modem?

For many people, the modem may be their most used device in their home. It’s important to keep it running smoothly and keeping your internet connection reliable. Below we will show you how to reset your Viasat modem if needed.

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If you have a Viasat modem and are having trouble connecting to the internet, there are a few things that you can do to try and fix the problem. The first thing that you can do is check your settings by going into your modem’s settings menu. This will give you information on what type of internet connection you have, the signal strength, and other technical details about your connection. If you are still having trouble connecting, or if your connection keeps dropping, then it might be time to reset your modem.

To reset your modem, first make sure that it is turned off and unplugged from the wall outlet. Next, remove the battery cover by unscrewing it and pulling it off of the Modem. Once the cover is off, remove the batteries by squeezing them together until they pop out. Finally, reinstall the cover and put the batteries back in by screwing it in place. After doing this, plug in

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How do you troubleshoot VSAT?

In order to troubleshoot a VSAT modem, you will need to know what is happening with the device. There are a few different methods for resetting a VSAT modem, so let’s take a look at each:

1. Power Cycle the Modem

To power cycle the modem, unplug it from the wall and wait about 30 seconds. Plug it back in and wait about 30 more seconds for it to boot up. Once it has booted up, you should be able to access the modem settings by pressing the “reset” button on the front of the device. From here, you can choose to reset all settings or just certain settings (like network configuration or Internet connection).

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2. Restore Factory Default Settings

If you want to restore all of your settings to their factory defaults, you can do this by pressing and holding down the “reset” button for about 5 seconds. This will erase all of your data and configuration information, so make sure you have everything you need backed up before proceeding.

3. Use a Reset Button Cable

If none of these options work for you, then you may need to use a reset button cable. A reset button cable is

How do I check My Viasat signal strength?

In order to improve your internet speed, it is important to have a strong signal strength. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to check your signal strength:

1. Open your web browser and type in “signal” into the address bar. You will be presented with a page that displays your current internet speed and the strength of your connection.

2. To see how your signal strength is changing, open the website and enter your public IP address into the search bar. The website will then display a graph that shows your internet speed over time. The higher the number on the graph, the stronger the connection.

3. If you still experience slow internet speeds despite making sure your signal is strong, you may need to upgrade your Viasat modem. For more information on how to do this, please visit our website or contact us at 888-446-9227.

Will any modem work with Viasat?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best modem for use with Viasat will vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. However, some of the more popular modems that work with Viasat include the Motorola Surfboard SB6121, the Netgear CM5005v2, and the TP-Link TL-WR841N. If you are not sure which modem is right for you, simply contact customer service at Viasat to get help selecting the best option for your needs.

How do I make My Viasat Internet faster?

One of the most frustrating things about having a modem with Viasat is that it can be painfully slow. Especially if you have a lot of streaming shows and movies stored on your computer, you’ll want to make sure that your modem is as fast as possible. Luckily, there are a few ways to speed up your modem and get your internet connection up to par with what you’re used to.

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Why does My Viasat buffer so much?

If you are experiencing buffering problems with your Viasat modem, there may be a few things you can do to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

First, make sure you have the latest firmware installed on your modem. If you have not updated your firmware in a while, it is recommended that you do so.

Next, check your internet speed. If you are connected to a bandwidth-restricted network, such as school or work, your modem may be struggling to keep up with the demand. Try connecting to a different network and see if the buffering problem disappears.

Finally, make sure that your router is properly configured and that all devices in your home are set up to connect to the same network. If one device is incorrectly configured, it can cause buffering issues for other devices on the network.


If you are having trouble with your ViaSat modem, there are a few things that you can do in order to try and resolve the issue. First, make sure that you have entered your ViaSat account password correctly. If the password is not correct, you can reset it by visiting the ViaSat website and clicking on the “Login” button. After logging in, click on the “Reset Password” link under the “My Account” heading. You will then be prompted to enter your new password. Finally, make sure that your modem is properly connected to the Internet and your router. If all of these steps fail to resolve the issue, you may need to contact ViaSat customer service for further assistance.

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