how do i find my groupon account

Groupon is a popular online marketplace that allows users to purchase discounted goods and services from local businesses. In order to use Groupon, you first need to create an account. After you’ve created your account, you’ll need to enter your email address and password in order to log in. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to view your account information, make purchases, and leave feedback for businesses.

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How do I update my Groupon account?

If you have an account, updating your information is easy. Just sign in to your account and click on the “My Account” link at the top of the page. From there, you can update your name, email address, and password.

Do Groupon accounts expire?

Groupon is a great way to save money on your favorite things. But how long do groupon accounts last?

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Groupon doesn’t make it easy to find out, but here’s what you need to know. Groupon accounts expire in 7 days, 30 days, or 365 days. The date will be at the top of your account under “My Account.” If you don’t use your account for a certain amount of time, it will automatically expire.

In order to keep your groupon account active, make sure you’re using it and redeeming deals. If you haven’t used your account in a while, go to “My Account” and click on the “Redeem Deals” tab. There you’ll find all of the deals you’ve redeemed and their expiration dates. If you need to cancel a deal that’s already been redeemed, just go to “My Account” and click on the “Cancel Deals” tab. You won’t have to pay for that deal again.

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How do you change your email on Groupon?

If you haven’t used your Groupon account in a while, you might have to change your email address before you can continue using it. To change your email on Groupon, go to your account settings and click on “Update My Information.” You’ll need to enter your current email address, and then click on “submit.”

How do I pull up a voucher on the Groupon app?

If you have a Groupon account, you can use the Groupon app to redeem vouchers. To open the app:
– On your phone, open the App Store or Google Play store.
– Search “Groupon” and install the Groupon app.
– Log in to your account.
– Under “My Deals,” find the voucher you want to use and tap it.
– Enter the code at the checkout screen.

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How do I cancel my Groupon?

If you bought a Groupon, there is a certain process you need to go through in order to cancel the purchase. Here is a guide on how to cancel your Groupon:

1. Log into your account and click on the “My Deals” tab.

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2. Locate the deal you want to cancel and click on it.

3. On the next page, under “Cancellation Details”, click on the “Cancel Order” button.

4. You will be redirected to a confirmation page where you need to confirm your cancellation. After confirming, your Groupon will be cancelled and any associated funds will be returned to you.

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How do I reset my Groupon password?

If you forget your Groupon password, there are several ways to reset it. You can also contact Groupon customer service at 1-855-467-4668 and they will be able to reset your password for you.

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How do I delete my credit card from Groupon?

If you no longer need your Groupon account, deleting your credit card from the website can help remove your personal information.

How do I communicate with Groupon?

When you first sign up for Groupon, you’re prompted to create a username and password. Once you have created your account, you’ll be able to log in and start using Groupon’s services. You can communicate with Groupon through the following channels: email, online chat, and phone.:

To email Groupon, simply click on the “Email this blog” link located on the left-hand side of most articles. You can also reach out to Groupon by chat or phone by clicking on the “Phone” link located on the bottom of most articles.:


Groupon is a company that sells discounted products and services. In order to use their service, you need to create an account. Once you have created your account, you need to set up your payment method. After that, it’s easy to find deals and purchase the products or services.

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