How do i change my hulu account on itunes

If you’ve ever had trouble changing your Hulu account on your Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad, this guide is for you. We’ll cover everything from how to do it on a computer to the best way to do it on a mobile device.

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How do I change my Hulu account on Apple TV?

If you are looking for a way to change your Hulu account on your Apple TV, you have come to the right place. Follow these simple steps and you will be up and running in no time!

1. On your Apple TV, go to the Settings menu and select Accounts.

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2. Select your current Hulu account and then select Sign Out.

3. Enter your new Hulu account information and then press Sign In.

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4. You will now be able to watch content from your new Hulu account on Apple TV!

How do I change my Hulu account on my iPhone?

If you want to change your Hulu account on your iPhone, you first need to open the Hulu app and sign in. Next, go to the Account menu and select Change Account. You will be prompted to enter your current Hulu account information. Once you’ve entered all the necessary data, tap on the Continue button. On the next screen, you will be asked to confirm your new account password. If everything goes well, you will be redirected back to the main Hulu screen and your new account will be activated.

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How do I log into my Hulu account on iTunes?

Hulu is a great way to watch television without cable. If you have an iTunes account, you can log into your Hulu account on iTunes.

How do I remove Hulu from my iTunes?

If you’re unhappy with Hulu on your computer or phone, there are a few ways to remove it.

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1. Click the iTunes Store app on your computer.
2. On the main screen, click the Videos tab.
3. Find Hulu and select Remove from My Library.

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4. If you have an Apple TV, you can remove Hulu by following these steps:
5. On your computer, open iTunes and sign in to your account.
6. In the left sidebar, under Movies and TV Shows, click on Hulu.
7. Click on Remove from My Library and then OK to confirm the removal.

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How do I change my Hulu account?

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services on both iOS and Android devices, and it’s also available on a number of different platforms, including Apple TV. In order to keep your Hulu account current and up-to-date, you’ll need to change your account information on iTunes and Hulu.

How to Change Your Hulu Account Information in iTunes

To change your Hulu account information in iTunes, follow these steps:

1. Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.

2. Click on the “iTunes” menu bar at the top of the window, and then click on “Accounts.”

3. If you have more than one account registered with iTunes, you will be presented with a list of accounts. Scroll down until you see the “Hulu” account name, and then click on it.

4. On the “Account Info” screen, under “Personal Info,” enter your new Hulu username and password. Make sure that the “Log In Using Facebook” box is checked if you want to use your Facebook login information to sign in to Hulu. If you do not have a Hulu account yet, create one now by clicking on the “Create An Account

How do I change my Hulu account on my IPAD?

If you’re a Hulu subscriber and have an iPad, there’s a good chance you’ve gone through the hassle of trying to change your account settings on but haven’t been able to carry over your login information to your iOS device. Here’s how to do it:

1) Launch the Hulu app on your iPad, sign in if you haven’t already and click on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen.
2) Under “My Account,” tap on “Change Your Password.”
3) Type in your current Hulu password and then choose a new one. You’ll need this password to sign into your account on other devices.
4) Once you’ve entered your new password, hit “Save Changes.”
5) If you have an account with more than one streaming service, be sure to sign out of all of them before signing back in to Hulu so that you only have access to the content from the service you just signed in to.

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How do I change my Hulu plan on my phone?

If you’re looking to change your Hulu plan on your phone, there are a few different ways you can do it.

The first option is to go to and select your desired plan. From here, you’ll be able to select the number of months for which you would like to be subscribed, as well as the amount of monthly data you’d like to use.

If you’d rather not deal with website navigation, you can also directly change your plan within the Hulu app on your phone. Once you’ve opened the app and logged in, scroll down until you see “Your Account” and tap on it. Under “Your Account Summary,” you’ll see “Subscriptions.” On the right-hand side of this screen, next to “Current Plan,” will be a button that says “Change Plan.” Tap on this button and then select the plan that corresponds with the number of months and amount of data that you would like to use.

Finally, if all else fails and you can’t seem to find a way to change your Hulu plan on your phone, there is always the possibility that Hulu has already updated their app and plans have changed since they last

Can you buy Hulu with iTunes?

If you’re an Apple user, you may be wondering how to get Hulu on your iOS device. Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct way to do this just yet. However, you can purchase Hulu with iTunes if you want to watch Hulu shows and movies outside of the Hulu app. Here’s how to do it:

First, make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. If you don’t have it, you can download it from Apple’s website.

Next, open iTunes and sign in to your account. You’ll need your login information for Hulu as well as your payment information for Hulu.

Once you’re signed in, click on the “Store” tab at the top of the screen.

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Scroll down until you see “Hulu.” Click on it and then select “Add a Show.”

On the next screen, enter the name of the show that you want to watch and select “Add.” Then, click on “Subscribe” next to the show to add it to your library.

Now, when you want to watch a show from Hulu that’s in your library, just open the app and tap on the show that you want to watch.

How do I cancel Hulu on Apple TV?

If you have an Apple TV and Hulu account, cancelling Hulu on Apple TV is easy. Here’s how:

1. On your Apple TV, go to Settings>System>Cancel Hulu.

2. Click on “Cancel Hulu” to confirm your choice.

3. You’ll be asked to sign in to your Hulu account if you don’t have one already. Once you’ve logged in, you’re all set!

Why won’t my Hulu let me change my plan?

If you’re having trouble getting your Hulu account to let you change your plan, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure that you’re using the correct Hulu account. You can find your Hulu account information on your iTunes account or on If you’re still having trouble, try contacting Hulu support.


I hope this article on how to change your Hulu account on iTunes has been of help. If you’re not happy with the content or experience that Hulu provides, it can be frustrating trying to fix the problem yourself. Our guide will show you how to change your Hulu account on iTunes without any hassle, and make sure that you are getting the best possible TV experience for your entertainment needs. Thanks for reading!

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