How do i cancel my pch account

If you’re like most people, you probably use Google, Facebook, and other online services on a regular basis. But if you’re like some of the estimated 2.3 million people who have had their personal data stolen in 2018, you know that these companies aren’t infallible – your information can be compromised in a number of ways.

How do I contact PCH directly?

If you have any questions or concerns about your PCH account, please contact us directly. Our contact information is listed below. We are committed to resolving any issues you may have as quickly as possible.

Our customer service team can be reached at:

PCH Customer Service


Email: [email protected]

Does PCH have a customer service number?

When it comes to customer service, PCH definitely doesn’t disappoint. In fact, they offer a number of different ways for you to get in touch with them if something goes wrong with your account.

You can call the toll-free number (1-800-722-2767), which is available 24/7. You can also reach out to them through their social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Finally, you can also visit their website and use the contact form on the homepage.

Needless to say, PCH has everything covered when it comes to customer service. So if you ever have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to them!

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What is my PCH account number?

To cancel your PCH account, please login to your account and follow these instructions:
Log in to your PCH account at
Select the “My Account” tab on the left.
On the “My Account” page, under “Cancellation Status,” select “Cancel My Account.”
Input your PCH account number and click “Submit.”
You will now be taken to a confirmation page where you can confirm that you want to cancel your account. Click “Confirm” to complete the cancellation process.

How do I check my PCH?

If you are having trouble checking your PCH account, you can do so by going to the “My Account” section on the website and clicking on “Check My Account Status.” From there, all of your account information will be available for you to view.

If you have any questions or concerns about your account, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] We would be happy to help you out!

How do I remove my name from Publishers Clearing House?

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is a well-known and popular mail-order company. Unfortunately, many people have had negative experiences with PCH. If you have had a bad experience with PCH, you may want to consider canceling your account.

To cancel your PCH account, you first need to find the cancellation form. The cancellation form can be found on PCH’s website or by calling 1-800-711-4444. Once you have found the form, you will need to fill out the information requested on it. You will also need to provide proof of your identity, such as a driver’s license or passport.

Once you have submitted the cancellation form and provided the required documentation, your account will be cancelled. You will no longer be able to make purchases through PCH, nor will you receive any further mail from PCH.

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How are PCH winners paid?

If you were one of the lucky winners of a PCH Prize Package, congratulations! Please note that because we are a digital-first marketplace, all prize packages must be redeemed through our website. Once your prize has been delivered to you, please follow these instructions to cancel your account:

1. Log in to your account at or
2. On the left-hand navigation bar, click “Cancel My Account”
3. Enter your email address and password to confirm your cancellation
4. Click “Cancel My Account” to finish

How does Publishers Clearing House notify winners?

When a person has won a prize from Publishers Clearing House, the company typically notifies them by phone or email. If the winner doesn’t respond to either of those notifications, PCH may contact the runner-up or someone else associated with the prize if there isn’t a winner identified.

Is Publishing Clearing House legitimate?

Publisher Clearing House is a company that has been in business since the early 2000s. It is currently one of the largest online content publishers in the world.

The company has been accused of being a scam by many people. They say that PCH never actually sends any money to the authors that they claim to be helping. Instead, they just take the money and disappear without ever publishing any of the articles that were supposed to be published.

If you decide to cancel your account with PCH, there is a good chance that you will not receive any of your money back. However, if you have already published any articles through their service, you may want to consider getting legal advice before you give up on your investment.

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What happened to American Family Publishers?

American Family Publishers, a Christian publishing company, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November of 2012. What happened?

The company’s troubles can be traced back to the 2008 recession. Sales of Christian books went down, and the company was unable to make up the shortfall. In addition, expenses like rent and salaries continued to increase even as revenue dwindled.

In October of 2013, American Family Publishers announced that it would be selling its children’s book division to Heyday Books. This move was seen as a sign of hope by some because it signaled that American Family Publishers was trying to turnaround its business. However, this turnaround did not happen and in November of 2013 the company filed for bankruptcy protection.


If you have ever thought about cancelling your PCH account, this guide will walk you through the process. Regardless of whether or not you decide to cancel your account, I hope that this article has been helpful and that you learned something new. If you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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