How City Alignment Works in Dying Light 2: Best Upgrades

Dying Light 2 is an action-packed game that offers players a unique and immersive experience. One of the ways it achieves this is by creating a city that feels lived in and realistic. In order to make the city feel more like a real place, Dying Light 2 takes advantage of city alignment. This system helps the game mimic how real cities work by adjusting the layout of streets and buildings based on the time of day and player proximity. This article provides a detailed explanation of how city alignment works in Dying Light 2, as well as some of the best upgrades you can make to take advantage of this system.

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City Alignment in Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2, players can choose to play the game in first- or third-person perspective. In the first-person view, the player character is always positioned in the center of the screen, while in the third-person view, the player can move around the environment and see what other characters are doing. 

The city alignment system plays an important role in Dying Light 2. The city alignment system determines which buildings are safe to enter and which are not. Buildings with a green light allow players to explore and search for supplies, while buildings with a red light indicator that they should stay away. City alignment also affects how quickly enemies show up when you’re inside a building. If you’re aligned with the law, enemies will only spawn if you leave the building and return; conversely, if you’re aligned with the rebels, enemies will spawn continuously.

There are three different city alignments: Lawful Good (LG), Neutral Good (NG), and Evil (EV). Each has its benefits and drawbacks. LG buildings provide bonuses to health and ammo when entered, while EV buildings slow down time when entered. NG buildings provide bonuses to weapon damage but reduce your chances of survival if you get caught by police or rebels outside of them. EV buildings do nothing positive or negative when entered, but they attract more zombies to your location. 

Players can change their city alignment at any time by visiting a temple located in each district of Harran City. There’s

Best Upgrades for City Alignment in Dying Light 2

One of the most important aspects of Dying Light is its city alignment. This system determines the layout of the map, and how the different districts interact with each other. Here are some upgrades that will improve your city alignment experience:

1. Improved Map Layout – This upgrade improves the overall layout of the city, making it easier to navigate.

2. Increased District Influence – This upgrade increases the influence of specific districts, making them more powerful.

3. More Effective Law Enforcement – This upgrade increases the effectiveness of law enforcement in the city, making it harder for criminals to operate freely.

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Who should you align within Dying Light 2?

City alignment is a big topic in Dying Light 2, and the decisions you make early on will have a big impact on how the game plays out. There are six different city alignments, each with its bonuses and penalties. Here’s a summary of what each one does:

Neutral: No bonuses or penalties.

Evil: +5% damage to all monsters. -25% XP awarded.

Good: +5% damage to all humans. -10% XP awarded.

Lawful: +5% damage to all law-abiding citizens. -50% XP awarded.

Chaotic: +25% damage to all monsters. -50% XP awarded.

Each of these alignments has three tiers, which increase the bonuses and penalties by small amounts as you move up the alignment chain. For example, an Evil player starting in the lowest tier will get only half of the benefits that a Good player starting in the same zone will get (see table below), but by finishing the game as an Evil player they’ll be far ahead in terms of potential rewards (for more details, see our City Alignment guide). 

Table comparing bonuses for Neutral players vs Good players at various stages of City Alignment Stage Good Neutral 1 0 2 5 3 10 4 25 5 50 6 100 7 200 8 400 9 800 10 1600

How do you align the city in Dying Light 2?

When you start the game, the city is already in a specific alignment. There are a few ways to change this, but the most effective way is to achieve victory in the nightmarish race for resources that takes place at the beginning of the game. By seizing control of key points around the city and by defeating rival gangs, you can force the city into one of three alignments: Lawful Good (the ideal), Chaotic Evil (a state of complete anarchy), or Neutral (a balance between the two).

Lawful Good: This alignment is achieved by building up your base and gaining loyal followers. You must also uphold justice and order, and protect innocent civilians. Resources will be plentiful, and other gangs will respect your rule.

Chaotic Evil: If you choose to go down this route, you must ensure that your gang reigns supreme by doing whatever it takes to win – including violence and brutality. Resources will be scarce, so you’ll need to be ruthless in your dealings. Your enemies will fear you, but they’ll also despise you.

Neutral: This is the most balanced alignment, with resources available in equal measure both to factions vying for control of the city and to civilians trying to survive. All three alignments have their benefits and drawbacks – choosing which one is right for you depends on your strategy for playing Dying Light 2.

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Should you align with Peacekeepers or survivors?

In Dying Light, players have a choice of aligning themselves with Peacekeepers or survivors. This article will outline the benefits and drawbacks of each alignment, and which is the best option for you.

First, it’s important to note that City Alignment doesn’t always have a major impact on the game. For example, if you’re allied with the Peacekeepers but happen to run into hostile survivors, there won’t be any conflict between you. However, if you choose to ally yourself with the survivors and help them take over a city district, that could lead to more powerful enemies spawning in other areas of the city and giving you less access to resources.

Aligning Yourself With The Peacekeepers
The main benefit of choosing to align yourself with the Peacekeepers is that they will protect you from hostile survivors. They also provide helpful resources such as ammo and first-aid kits, which can be very helpful in combat. However, allies of the Peacekeepers are often difficult to find and can be quite competitive. Ultimately, this alignment may not be ideal if you’re looking for a supportive community or want easy access to resources.

Aligning Yourself With The Survivors
The main benefit of choosing to ally yourself with the survivors is that they will protect you from hostile peacekeepers. They also provide helpful resources such as ammo and first-aid kits, which can be very helpful in combat. However, allies of the survivors are often difficult to find and can be quite competitive. Ultimately

Can you get all faction rewards in Dying Light 2?

If you’re looking to max out your firepower and health in Dying Light 2, knowing which faction you’re on is key. Here’s how City Alignment works in the sequel:
The three factions in Dying Light 2 are The Harran Resistance, The Governor’s Army, and The Slums. Each offers different rewards for playing its way, but all of them offer some great upgrades that will make your gameplay a lot more potent. Of particular note are perk trees for each faction, which grant powerful bonuses when picked up and equipped. In addition, completing challenges within each faction’s area of control (AoC) will net you bonus items and experience points that can be put toward faction perks. For example, if you’re playing as The Harran Resistance, completing challenges in the Central Sewers district will give you access to powerful new weapons and abilities.
As long as your character is aligned with a faction, they’ll get all the rewards offered by that organization – no matter what level they are at or what challenges they’ve completed. So whether you’re an experienced player who wants to take on harder challenges or just want to get ahead in the game faster, knowing your faction is key!

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Dying Light 2 introduces a new system called City Alignment. In short, this feature allows players to align themselves with one of three city hubs to maximize their experience and access to different areas and quests. To get started, players first need to find the City Aligner in any of the three major cities: Harran, Zaire, or Montero. Once they have found the City Aligner, they can choose which city they want to align themselves with by selecting one of the three icons on the lower left corner of the City Aligner interface. From there, all available quests will be aligned according to that player’s alignment with that city hub. Completed quests and areas will also be unlocked for easier access for longer-term play. City Alignment is an interesting new addition to Dying Light 2 and offers some great benefits for those who wish to maximize their experience. If you’re looking for a way to make your gameplay more efficient and fun, then definitely consider aligning yourself with one of the city hubs!

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