Elden Ring Review – Hit or Miss?

Elden Ring is a new game that’s set in the world of Norse mythology. It follows the story of a young warrior named Sigurd who must save his homeland from its enemies. Many video game reviewers are praising Elden Ring for its beautiful graphics, innovative gameplay mechanics, and captivating world. However, there are also some negative reviews out there that say the game is too much work and not worth the price tag. In this article, we will take a look at Elden Ring and decide for ourselves whether or not it’s worth your time and money.

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What is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a new IP from the team behind Bloodborne and Dark Souls. It’s an open-world action RPG with a heavy focus on melee combat. Some people are loving it, while others are disappointed. In this Elden Ring review, we’ll tell you what we thought of the game…

When we first saw screenshots for Elden Ring, our expectations were pretty high. The game looks stunning and seems to borrow heavily from some of our favorite games in the genre. After spending a few hours with the game, though, our opinion has changed somewhat.

The combat in Elden Ring feels very sluggish and clunky. Weapons feel weightless and attacks lack any real impact or excitement. This makes traversing the huge open world difficult as you often find yourself stuck in awkward positions because your character can’t move quickly enough to avoid danger.

On the other hand, the world itself is gorgeous. The design team put a lot of effort into creating an immersive and atmospheric setting that is perfect for a game like this. Unfortunately, that attention to detail doesn’t do much to make up for the lackluster combat mechanics.

The Pros and Cons of Elden Ring


-Engrossing story with interesting characters and settings

-Graphics are very good, especially for a video game

-Combat is engaging and feels rewarding

-Some truly impressive environmental designs


-No real endgame content, leaving the game feeling unfinished

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Is Elden Ring a Good Investment?

Elden Ring is a newly released title from Bandai Namco that has been met with a lot of mixed reactions. Some people love it, while others have deemed it a miss. So is Elden Ring worth your time and money?

The good news is that the combat system is well executed, and the graphics are passable if not impressive. The bad news is that the story feels unfinished, there’s little incentive to keep playing once you finish the main questline, and the ending leaves a lot to be desired.

If you can overlook some of the weaker aspects of Elden Ring, it has some great potential as a highly engaging action RPG. However, unless you’re desperate for a new game to play, you might want to wait until more reviews come out before making a decision.

The Verdict: Is Elden Ring a Hit or Miss?

Elden Ring is an ambitious and ambitious game. It aims to blend the best of both RPG and action games, but unfortunately, it falls short in a lot of areas. Its writing is sometimes clunky and its combat feels stiff. However, its unique setting and wonderful world-building make up for its shortcomings. If you’re looking for a deep and engaging RPG, Elden Ring may be worth checking out, but don’t expect it to be a hit with everyone.

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Can you beat Elden Ring without getting hit?

Elden Ring is a new action RPG from FromSoftware, the developers of the Souls series. If you’re not familiar with those games, they are extremely difficult and take a long time to get through. Elden Ring is also incredibly long, taking around 40 hours to complete on the normal difficulty setting. This review is going to focus on whether or not you can beat the game without getting hit.

In short, no you cannot. The enemies in Elden Ring are very aggressive and will attack you constantly, even if you’re just standing around doing nothing. If you do get hit, your health will quickly deplete and you’ll be forced to restart the entire game.

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Why is Elden Ring so highly reviewed?

Elden Ring is one of the highly anticipated video games of 2019. The game has been met with critical acclaim, earning a 98 on Metacritic. Fans of the novel and film series on which the game is based have high expectations for the game. However, some reviewers feel that Elden Ring falls short of its potential.

One issue with Elden Ring is that it does not feel like a complete experience. Players are only given a small glimpse into the world and its lore. This leaves many questions unanswered. Additionally, certain mechanics in the game feel unfinished and unpolished. For example, combat can be frustratingly difficult at times, with enemies able to evade attacks easily.

Despite these flaws, Elden Ring is an impressively detailed and atmospheric game world. The story and characters are well-written, and players will likely be drawn in by its promises of mystery and adventure. Whether or not it lives up to those expectations remains to be seen, but as of now it appears to be a hit-or-miss affair

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Why is Elden Ring so controversial?

Elden Ring is a new, ambitious game from the developers of Skyrim and Fallout 4. It’s set in a world of mythical creatures and promises to be one of the most ambitious games ever made. However, its controversial nature has caused some to label it as a “flop”, while others are still waiting to see if it’s worth their time. Here’s what you need to know about Elden Ring before deciding whether or not it’s for you.

The controversy around Elden Ring concerns its hefty price tag and the length of time it will likely take to complete. At $60/£50, Elden Ring is one of the more expensive games on the market. Moreover, many players are concerned that the game may be too long for them to finish in its current form. There is no set release date yet for Elden Ring, but development is currently estimated to be taking up to two years. This means that there is a good chance that Elden Ring won’t be released until 2019 at the earliest.

If money isn’t an issue for you and you’re intrigued by the premise of Elden Ring, then you should give it a try. The game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from those who have played it, so there’s no doubt that if you’re willing to invest your time in it, it will be worth your while.

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Why Elden Ring is a masterpiece?

Elden Ring is an ambitious and sprawling RPG that promises a unique experience for players. While the game does have its moments, it falls short in other areas. Is Elden Ring a must-play for RPG fans?

The story of Elden Ring is expansive and interesting, with multiple intertwining plot lines that add to the overall narrative. However, the writing can be clunky at times, making some scenes difficult to follow. The gameplay is also impressive but divisive. Many users find its combat system deep and engaging, while others find it too complex or demanding. Ultimately, Elden Ring is a mixed bag that may appeal to different gamers. If you’re looking for an immersive and challenging RPG experience, then Elden Ring may be right up your alley. However, if you’re not fond of dense storylines or complex combat mechanics, this title may not be for you.

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