Does hiding a message in groupme hide it from everyone

Groupme is an app that allows users to communicate with one another by text, voice, and video. Recently, there was a concern raised that Groupme may be hiding messages from users who are not the sender or recipient. In this article, we will explore what groupme hiding messages actually does and whether or not it is actually possible to privacy protect messages in this way.

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What happens when you hide a chat on GroupMe?

When you hide a chat on GroupMe, the chat is hidden from everyone except the people in the chat. If someone else tries to join the chat, they will be prompted to either accept or decline the invitation. This means that the chat is still visible to everyone who is not a part of it.

Can you hide messages from everyone on GroupMe?

There are a few ways to hide messages from GroupMe, but the most popular way is to use the screen-name filter. When you add a screen-name filter, GroupMe will only show messages from people who are also using that filter. This means that if you want to keep your messages private, you’ll need to add a screen-name filter for each group you join.

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How do you see hidden messages on GroupMe?

GroupMe is a messaging app where users can communicate with others in groups. Messages sent through GroupMe are visible to everyone in the group, unless the sender chooses to send a message privately. If a message is sent privately, only the sender and the person they are messaging will see it.

Does clearing a chat on GroupMe clear it for everyone?

When messaging with friends on GroupMe, it’s often important to be able to quickly clear a chat if you need to step away or take a break. But is it really safe to clear a chat without warning everyone? Turns out, the answer is… sort of. While clearing a chat will remove it from all users’ chats, it’s not completely private – other group members can still see the message if they have access to the group’s logs. So, if you’re looking for a 100 percent private way to clear a chat, you’ll likely have to stick with individual messages.

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How do you hide chats on GroupMe?

If you want to keep a chat private, you can do so by hiding it in GroupMe. To do this, open the chat and click the gear icon in the top right corner. From here, you can select “Privacy Settings.” Under “Privacy Level,” select “Private.” Now anyone who views the chat will only see the text of the messages, not the photos and videos that were included in it.

How do you delete a sent message on GroupMe?

Deleting a sent message on GroupMe is as easy as hitting the ‘Delete Message’ button on the message you want to delete.

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Does blocking someone on GroupMe delete messages?

It depends on the settings of GroupMe. If you’ve blocked someone on GroupMe, their messages will still be visible to anyone who sees your group, but those messages won’t be sent to you.

Can new members see old messages GroupMe?

GroupMe is a messaging app with a large user base. Users can send messages to any number of people in their contacts list. Messages sent in GroupMe are visible to all members of the group, regardless of whether they have been added as participants in the conversation. This means that if you want to keep a message private from a group member, you will need to send it to them directly rather than through the group messaging interface.

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Does GroupMe show when you read a message?

When you send a message in GroupMe, you can choose to make it visible only to the people in your group. This means that the message will only be seen by the people who are members of your group and who have sent or received messages from you in the past. However, if you read a message that someone has sent in a group, GroupMe will display the message for everyone who is viewing the group chat.


The short answer is no, not always. Hiding a message in groupme will not hide it from everyone on the chat thread. If you are trying to hide a message from someone who has already seen it, then hiding the message will work. However, if you are trying to hide the message from everyone who is in the chat thread at that moment, then hiding the message will not work because they all see it when they join the chat thread.

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