Do you still show up on hinge if you delete the app

We’ve all been there – we install an app, sign up for its newsletter, and then decide that we don’t need it after all. What do you do if you’ve deleted the app but still have your login info? Hinge, that is!

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Although deleting an app might seem like the simplest solution, it can actually lead to a lot of problems. For one, it’s not always clear whether or not an app has actually been deleted; in some cases, the company may keep a backup of users’ data. Additionally, deleting an app may mean that you lose access to your account and any data you’ve shared with it – not to mention any contacts or messages you’ve sent or received. If you’re worried about these types of issues, it’s best to contact the company directly to see if they can help solve any problems.

What happens if I delete the Hinge app?

If you delete the Hinge app, you will no longer be able to sign in or use your account.

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Can you tell if someone is active on Hinge?

If someone is active on Hinge, they will continue to show up in the app’s “People you’ve flirted with” section even if they delete the app. This is because the app stores a record of every interaction that a user has had with other Hinge users, even if they delete the app.

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Can you be invisible on Hinge?

Yes, you can be invisible on Hinge if you delete the app. However, if you want to be seen again by other Hinge users, you’ll need to sign in and add your profile again.

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How long does Hinge show just joined?

If you delete the Hinge app and then just re-download it, does it show that you’ve been a member for awhile?

How do I hide myself on Hinge?

Hinge is a dating app that uses Facebook login. If you delete the app, Hinge will not remove your profile from their servers. This means that anyone can still see your profile and any messages you’ve sent or received.
To hide yourself on Hinge:

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1. Log in to Hinge and click on the “Settings” button in the top right corner of the screen.
2. Under “Profile & Photos,” click on the button next to “Your Profile.”
3. On the “Your Profile” page, under “Visibility,” select the option that says “Hide from all apps.”
4. Click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

What does it mean when someone keeps showing up on Hinge?

It can be a sign that the person is still using the app, even if they’ve deleted it. If you’re no longer using Hinge, it’s best to delete your account as well.

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Does deleting Hinge app reset matches?

Since deleting the Hinge app reset your matches, some people are wondering if they still show up on the app. The short answer is yes- you still have matches that were saved on the app before you deleted it. However, since this feature was added in June of this year, matches may not be visible on the app if you’ve deleted it within the past several months.

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Does everyone you see on Hinge see you?

Whether you delete the Hinge app or not, it seems like everyone you see on the app sees you. However, this may not always be the case. For example, if someone is in a group chat and you delete the app, they may no longer be able to see your profile or messages.

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Sadly, the answer to this question is a resounding no. If you delete the Hinge app from your phone, you will no longer be able to use it – period. There are no hidden tricks or workarounds that we know of; once you delete the app, it’s gone for good.

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