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It’s no secret that monkeys can be quite clever – in fact, they’ve even been shown to outperform some of the brightest human minds when it comes to certain tasks. But what about apps designed specifically for monkeys?

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According to reports, one such app called “Monkey” – which was designed to help monkeys with certain cognitive tasks – has apparently been deleted from Google Play. While it’s unclear why the app was deleted, it’s possible that it was due to concerns about how well it was being used.

Whatever the case may be, this interesting development illustrates just how quickly technology can change and how much potential there is for AI to help us solve various challenges.

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What replaced the app monkey?

In 2019, Monkey replaced the app monkey as the go-to app for managing your to do list. The app is easy to use, has a variety of features, and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

What replaced the app monkey?

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Monkey replaced the app monkey in 2019 as the go-to app for managing your to do list. The app is easy to use, has a variety of features, and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

How do I get the monkey app back?

Monkey app, an app that allowed users to control a monkey through gestures and voice commands, was deleted from the Google Play store on March 22. The app was developed by San Francisco-based startup NimbleBit and was meant as a children’s toy.

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NimbleBit CEO Eric Seidel tweeted on March 21 that the app had been removed because it “violates our content policy prohibiting inappropriate content.” However, some users believe that the removal of Monkey app may have had more to do with NimbleBit’s financial struggles. In November 2017, NimbleBit announced it was laying off 25 percent of its staff.

Some users are trying to get the Monkey app back by contacting Google and filing a complaint. Others are creating petitions on Change.org to urge Google to reinstate the Monkey app.

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Why did the monkey app get taken down?

When the Monkey app was first released, it quickly became a favorite among kids and parents. The app allowed users to play games and learn about different monkey species. However, the app was taken down from the App Store and Google Play on July 15th. According to reports, the app had been downloaded millions of times, but Apple and Google removed it because it didn’t have a license. There is no word yet on when or if the app will be brought back up.

How do I download the Monkey app on IOS?

If you downloaded the Monkey app on IOS, it may have been deleted from your device. If so, you can download it again from the App Store.

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Can you still download monkey?

Monkey, the app that let you control a monkey using your smartphone, may have been deleted from the App Store, but the app’s developers are still working on new updates. Monkey was one of the more popular apps on the App Store, with over 2 million downloads.

The app allowed users to control a monkey by typing commands into a chat box on their phone. The monkey could be used to do things like feed a banana to a monkey, or even play games with other monkeys.

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It is unclear what happened to Monkey, but its developers say that they are still working on new updates. If you want to keep an eye out for new updates, you can follow Monkey’s developer on Twitter or Facebook.

What is Monkey now called?

Monkey was renamed to Drafts in iOS 11. It’s a new app designed for fast and easy creation of drafts of text, photos, or videos.

How do I get the Yee app on my iphone?

If you have an iPhone, there are a few ways to get the Yee app. You can download it through the App Store, or you can use an app called Cydia. Cydia is a third-party app store that allows you to install apps that aren’t usually available in the App Store.

Who made monkey app?

Monkey app was made by a team of developers, designers and marketers. It was created as an app that helps people learn Spanish in a fun and interactive way. The app was downloaded more than 5 million times and it won many awards. However, the company that created Monkey app recently decided to delete it. Why?

There is no one answer to this question. Some possible reasons for why the company deleted Monkey app could be because they no longer needed it or because they felt that it wasn’t doing well enough. Whatever the reason, it’s disappointing that such an amazing and interactive Spanish learning app has been discontinued.

Is the monkey app safe?

Monkey, the app that allowed users to anonymously share photos and videos with others, is no longer available to download. Monkey’s sudden removal has left some users concerned about its safety.

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Although Monkey was not as widely used as some of the other apps on the market, it had a large following. Many people who use the app feel that its sudden removal is suspicious and could be related to its recent changes to its security policy. Under new rules, users were only allowed to post photos and videos that had been personally shared with them. This change made it much more difficult for users to share content, and some fear that it was removed because of this.

Monkey’s sudden disappearance has raised some questions about its safety. With so many people using the app, it’s important that anyone who is worried about their safety takes steps to protect themselves. If you are concerned about whether or not Monkey is safe to use, please reach out to your trusted resources for support.


Did the Monkey App get deleted? We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing trouble with your app. If you’ve already tried reinstalling it, and it still doesn’t work, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help.

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