DeepMind’s AI Coder won’t replace Humans yet!

What do you think about Deepmind’s AI coder? Do you think it has replaced humans yet? Research company Deepmind said previously that AI coding engines can write programs and humans as well. What do you think of robots which are finally coming for software developers’ careers? 

DeepMind has created an AI system named AlphaCode that says “it writes computer programs at a competitive level”.DeepMind has created an AI which is capable of writing code to solve incidental issues posed to it, as proven by experiencing a coding challenge and setting-well, somewhere in the midpoint. It won’t be taking any software engineers’ jobs just yet, but it’s advantageous and may help automate necessary tasks. Let us know if Deepmind’s AI Coder will replace humans or not. 

Let us get started. 

What is Deepmind’s AI Coder?

Ever thought what is it? So, DeepMind Technologies is a British manufactured intelligence aide of Alphabet Inc. and research laboratory which was founded in September 2010. Then DeepMind was obtained by Google in 2014. 

Then on Wednesday, the company proclaimed that it has created a piece of software called AlphaCode that can code just as well as an average human programmer. The company is based in London, with research centers in Canada, France, and the United States. DeepMind is far from the only tech company developing AI tools that can write their code. 

What is an AI?

AI stands for artificial intelligence which has the capability of a computer or you can say robot controlled by the computer to perform various tasks that have been perfumed by humans as humans acquire human intelligence and perspicuity. It has the power to change the world but what do you think AI can do?

  • It can beat humans in Board games.
  • It can defeat humans in Quizzes.
  • AI can make medicinal discoveries.
  • It can paint the pictures.
  • It can make new codes.

Can Deepmind’s AI Coder replace humans?

Well, AI pledges that it can replace humans in lowly tasks or substitute humans with pricey jobs. In reality, we have not been there yet. If you have ever used AI apps to edit your photos, for example, you’ll know there’s still a bunch of cleanups to do after the device is assembled. At the very least, the human is diminished for clicking a switch to process via AI-created options, after that can determine the best. 

What do you think of DeepMinds’ AlphaCode engine? Well, In the case of DeepMinds’ AlphaCode engine, its AI is instructed to dive into coding challenges. Examples provided on the AlphaCode project page are discovering optimum methods to place roads and buildings or coming up with strategies to win board games. These might not be useful in the workplace, but DeepMind’s AI has shown us one more important trait that is creativity. 

Do you know human coders begin to use AI tools? Yes, human coders have started using AI tools that could help them work wisely. And also other companies, let us take Microsoft, are working on AI tools to help programmers to work quicker by doing a lot of the busy work for them.

Are we using AI tools for our betterment nowadays? Of course yes. We have become used to using AI tools every day, and we know the traps and frustrations they fetch. For instance, Autocorrect is believed to create typing quickly on little on-screen keyboards, but in reality, you end up changing your typing kind to adequately trigger the autocorrect recommendations. 

Will human coders be replaced by AI?

Unlikely, “Coders choice might yet be in the driver’s seat, as writers are with AI scope writers,” says Cass. In a way, the new AI writing tools indicate even more job protection for transcribers because they will enclose the expertise on how to use and get the finest out of the more refined tools for the predictable future.

                    FEW KEY FEATURES                            DeepMind’s AI coding engine is as suitable as a moderate human programmer.
AI helps in removing the grunt-work and lets the human emphasize more on the creative factors.
AI creations can encourage humans in surveillance one might not go usually.

Concluding lines 

At the end, it is concluded that Deepmind’s AI Coder and humans both are an important part of the market. Though it holds some good features as compared to human coders and both are necessary for the working. But it can replace human coders. AI pledges that it can replace humans in lowly tasks or substitute humans with pricey jobs. Let us wait for the best. I hope it would be helpful to you all. 

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