Putting an End to Document Frauds Using AI Technology

The digital era is a two-sided coin with benefits on one side and drawbacks on the other. Businesses have completely embraced digital platforms to achieve more advantageous outcomes with a high conversion rate. Prior to the signing of a contract, it is crucial to know your customer, including all pertinent information & documents. It is … Read more

Impact of Broadband Access

Impact of Broadband Access

Earning Opportunities The fact that the internet has provided individuals throughout the globe with new options to generate money is one of the internet’s most significant advantages. The recent growth in the number of Etsy shops has been one of these changes. The only things needed are the analysis of a product and the development … Read more

Optical Character Recognition Services – Accuracy in Data Extraction

Optical character recognition services are a business solution that automates the extraction of data from an image or scanned document, including printed text. The extraction of text follows conversion into machine language format so that it may be used for data collection, processing, and analysis. Optical character recognition services are commonly in use around the … Read more

Can I Delete my Godaddy Account?

There have been many times throughout our lives when we’ve had to make a tough decision. Whether it’s whether to break up with our significant other or whether to turn in our final report card, we all know that sometimes the choice is not easy. And that’s exactly how Godaddy feels about its customers’ accounts. … Read more