9 Best Tips for Writing a Research Paper

No undergraduate or graduate student, much less any applicant for a scientific degree, can do without the preparation of a research paper. Moreover, this type of scientific life is considered from a voluntary-compulsory perspective: students are not obliged to do it, but a demonstration of interest in scientific life is encouraged. A research paper is … Read more

Things to know about Azure Certification

Things to know about Azure Certification

Cloud computing is one of the contemporary technologies that is developing quickly along with the everyday introduction of new technologies. All major cloud service providers offer career paths and certifications for those interested in a career in cloud computing, but only Microsoft Azure provides role-based certifications that are especially created to meet the needs of … Read more

Will There Be A Chappie 2?

We all knew that Chappie was a flawed film, but its popularity on social media and at the box office caught many by surprise. So what did everyone love and hate about the film? And is there potential for a sequel? Are the robots in Chappie real? 1. Chappie is an upcoming science fiction film … Read more

Who is Jesse Pinkman Girlfriend?

Jesse Pinkman, the enigmatic and lovable heroin addict protagonist of Breaking Bad, is beloved by many for his complex and compelling character arc. In the show’s five seasons, we learn a great deal about Jesse’s backstory and his complicated romantic relationships. So who is Jesse Pinkman girlfriend? Throughout the seasons, Jesse dates a variety of … Read more