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There are many people who own both a ps3 and an xbox 360, and for those people, there are certain games that require the use of a ps3 controller on an xbox 360. In this article, we will walk you through the different steps necessary to get your ps3 controller working on an xbox 360.

Can you use a Playstation controller on a Xbox 360?

Yes, you can use a Playstation controller on a Xbox 360. The Playstation controller is designed specifically for use with the PlayStation console, so it will not work with other platforms. However, the Xbox 360 supports a variety of game controllers, so you can use any type of controller that you want.

If you want to use a Playstation controller on your Xbox 360, make sure that the controllers are compatible first. You can check this by looking at the ports on the back of the Xbox 360 and Playstation controller. If they are compatible, then you should be able to connect them without any problems.

Once the controllers are connected, you can start playing your games. The controls will be translated into buttons and motions on the Xbox 360, so you will be able to play your games as if you were using a Playstation controller.

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How do you connect a wireless PS3 controller to Xbox 360?

Ps controller not working on xbox 360

If you are having trouble connecting your ps controller to your Xbox 360, there are a few possible solutions. One solution is to try connecting the controller using a cable. If that does not work, you can try using a wireless adapter. or you can try resetting your Xbox 360.

Can you use a PS3 controller on a Xbox One?

Yes, you can use a PS3 controller on a Xbox One! This is possible because the Xbox One and PS3 controllers are both Bluetooth-enabled devices. This means that you can connect the controllers wirelessly and play your games without having to worry about any compatibility issues.

If you have a PS3 controller that is not wireless, you can still use it on an Xbox One by connecting the controller to the console with a cable. You can also use an Xbox 360 controller on a Xbox One, but this will not work with some games.

Are PS3 controllers Bluetooth?

No, PS3 controllers are not Bluetooth compatible. They are wired controllers that use a USB port to connect to the console.

How do you put a PS3 controller in pairing mode?

If you have a PS3 controller and an Xbox 360, you can use it with your Xbox 360. To do this, you need to put the controller in pairing mode.

To do this, go to Settings on your Xbox 360 and select Devices. On the left side of the screen, select Bluetooth controllers. If the controller is not listed, press the X button on your controller to pair it.

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Then, select the PS3 controller from the list and press OK. The controller will now be in pairing mode and can be used with your Xbox 360.

What controller works with Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 controllers work with most modern gaming platforms, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, some older games may not support certain controller types.

Xbox 360 controllers work with most modern gaming platforms, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, some older games may not support certain controller types.

Some of the most popular Xbox 360 controller types include the original Xbox 360 controller, the Xbox One controller, and the PlayStation 3 controller. All of these controllers work with the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 3 platforms, respectively.

If you are using an older game that doesn’t support a certain controller type, you can try using a third-party controller adapter. These adapters allow you to use any compatible controller with your Xbox 360, Xbox One, or PlayStation 3 game system.

Can I use any controller with Xbox?

Yes, you can use any controller with Xbox. You can even use a ps controller if you want!

One of the great things about Xbox is that it supports a wide range of controllers. Whether you are a PC gamer or a console gamer, you can use the right controller to get the best experience.

Xbox also has a built-in Bluetooth feature that makes it easy to connect your controller to your Xbox. This means that you don’t have to worry about cables or pesky wires. Just connect your controller and start gaming!

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How can I control my Xbox 360 without a controller?

If you want to control your Xbox 360 without using a controller, you can use a ps controller. This is a special type of controller that allows you to control your Xbox 360 with your hands.

To use a ps controller, you first need to connect it to your Xbox 360. Then, you will need to configure the ps controller so that it is compatible with your Xbox 360.Once you have configured the ps controller, you can start using it to control your Xbox 360.

There are some limitations to using a ps controller on an Xbox 360. For example, you cannot use the ps controller for gaming purposes. Instead, you will need to use a traditional controller for gaming. Additionally, the ps controller does not support all games on the Xbox 360 platform.


Yes, you can use a Ps Controller on Xbox One. The controller is compatible with the console and uses standard gamepads. You can even play your favorite games using a Ps Controller on Xbox One.

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