Can you tour Edwards Air Force Base?

How long is the runway at Edwards Air Force Base?

The base has 19 runways, of which, three are paved and the remaining 16 are located on the lakebed. The length of the longest paved runway is 15,000ft. Its width and depth are 300ft and 3ft respectively. The second paved runway is 12,000ft long, while the third is 8,000ft long.

Can you tour Edwards Air Force Base?

Although the base is closed to the general public, there is still an opportunity for the public to visit the museum by taking a tour. See above for further information. To make reservations, or for more information on our public tours, you can send an e-mail to Edwards Tours.

How far is Edwards Air Force Base from the beach?

69.4 mi. 69.8 mi.

What is the closest city to Edwards Air Force Base?

Base Location: Edwards AFB is situated in Kern, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties, approximately 100 miles north of the city of Los Angeles. The cities of Lancaster and Palmdale lie beneath the southwest corner of the base at about 28 and 35 miles distance.

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What cities are near Edwards AFB?

There are several communities surrounding Edwards AFB; Lancaster and Palmdale to the south and California City, Mojave, North Edwards, and Boron to the north, Rosamond to the west and Tehachapi to the northwest.

Does Edwards AFB have a hospital?

The Edwards Clinic in conjunction with the 412 Medical Group offers ambulatory services to local community hospitals 24 hours a day. Regular healthcare appointments are offered at the Medical Clinic at Edwards Air Force Base Monday through Friday from 0830-1630.

What is the zip code for Edwards AFB?

Edwards Air Force Base/Zip codes

Where should I live if stationed at Edwards AFB?

You have your cities: Rosamond, Lancaster, Palmdale and Tehachapi that are the closest in the area. Rosamond – is a small city that will offer a quiet neighborhood, with small diners and a few stores such as Albertsons, Rite Aid and Dollar General.

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