Can you retake the pottermore house quiz

Pottermore is a popular online game that allows users to create their own characters and explore the world of Harry Potter. Recently, Pottermore released a new quiz called “The House of Slytherin” which challenges players to answer questions about the house from the Harry Potter series. Can you take the quiz?

Can you retake the House Quiz on wizarding world?

If you haven’t taken the Pottermore House quiz yet, now is the time! You can retest your knowledge on the grounds of Hogsmeade in order to see what changes have been made since the last quiz. The quiz has three different levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. If you’re feeling up for a challenge, try the hard level! Be sure to share your results with us on Instagram or Twitter @pottermore so that we can all check out who’s got the best wizarding world knowledge.

Can I retake the Pottermore wand quiz?

If you’re looking to retake the Pottermore wand quiz, you’re in luck! In fact, there are several ways to try your hand at this tricky quiz. Here are a few tips:

1. Use the same strategy as the first time around. Pay attention to the questions and how they relate to one another. If you can correctly answer a few questions, that will give you a good foundation from which to build on.

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2. Use flashcards. Memorizing the different spells and their definitions can be helpful when taking the quiz again. Once you have a good grasp on the information, it will be much easier to answer questions accurately.

3. Take advantage of Pottermore’s practice quizzes. These quizzes offer real-world scenarios in which you’ll need to use your wand skills. By practicing often, you’ll be prepared for the Pottermore wand quiz when it comes up again.

How do I take my Hogwarts house again quiz?

If you’ve taken the Pottermore House Quiz and got a different result than you wanted, there is a way to change your results. Head to your profile page and scroll down to the “My Details” section. Here, you will find a link to retake the quiz. Once you click on the link, you will be taken to a new page where you can enter your information again. Make sure all of your information is correct, and click on the “submit” button at the bottom of the page. If everything goes according to plan, your new results will be posted on your profile within a few minutes!

What is the rarest wand on Pottermore?

The rarest wand on Pottermore is the Elder Wand. This infamous wand can only be found in the possession of the Dark Lord Voldemort.

How do you become a Slytherin on Pottermore?

First off, if you want to become a Slytherin on Pottermore, you need to be cunning, ambitious, and have a quick wit. Secondly, you will need to win thePottermore House Quiz. If you can answer all of the questions correctly and demonstrate that you have the qualities mentioned above, then you may be able to join the elite ranks of Slytherins!

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How do you get sorted into Ravenclaw?

In order to get sorted into Ravenclaw, you must score well on the Pottermore house quiz. The quiz is a multiple choice question that asks about the characters and creatures in the Harry Potter series. You can find the quiz online at

How can I take my Patronus test again?

If you’ve forgotten your Patronus test results, you can retake it! To retake the Pottermore House quiz, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Pottermore account.
2. Go to the Settings page and select Profile.
3. Click on the Quests tab and find the Patronus test quest under Completed Quests.
4. Click on Reclaim Quest and follow the instructions onscreen.

Who is the most famous Gryffindor?

The most famous Gryffindor is undoubtedly Harry Potter! He was a very talented wizard and became one of the most beloved characters in history. If you’re looking to test your knowledge of Harry Potter, take our Pottermore House quiz.


After completing the Pottermore House Quiz, some Pottermore users have been reporting that they are unable to retake it. This quiz is a requirement for earning the Diadem Friendship Award and is considered a important step in the process of gaining access to certain areas of the Harry Potter universe. If you have already completed this quiz and are now having difficulty retaking it, there is no way to bypass it other than waiting until an available time slot opens up again. For now, we suggest waiting until an update on how to obtain the Diadem Friendship Award is released.

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