Can you play planetside 2 with a xbox 360 controller

PlanetSide 2 is an online action game that allows up to 64 players to fight for control of territories on a large and detailed planet. The game was released in 2012 and has since been one of the most popular games on the xbox 360.

While many people enjoy playing PlanetSide 2 with a standard game controller, there are a select few who prefer to use an Xbox 360 controller instead. If you’re one of those people, this guide will help you get started playing PlanetSide 2 with your Xbox 360 controller.

Can you use Xbox controller for Planetside 2?

Planetside 2 is a massively multiplayer online game that was developed by Sony Online Entertainment. The game is set in the future and players battle for control of the world by fighting in brutal combat engagements.

One of the main features of Planetside 2 is the use of controllers. Players can use Xbox controllers to control their characters, vehicles, and other objects in the game. This can be a great way to improve your gaming experience.

To use an Xbox controller in Planetside 2, you will first need to download the game client. After that, you will need to connect your controller to your computer. Then, you will need to launch the game and select the “Use Controller” option from the main menu.

If you are new to Planetside 2 or if you are having difficulty using an Xbox controller, we recommend reaching out to a friend or teammate for help. They may know how to use controllers in the game and can offer some helpful advice.

Can I play PC games with Xbox 360 controller?

Yes, you can play PC games with an Xbox 360 controller. You will need to configure the controller to work with a PC game, but after that it should work just like any other Xbox 360 controller.

Some of the best games that you can play with an Xbox 360 controller include Gears of War, Halo, and Mass Effect. These are all great games that are perfect for using an Xbox 360 controller.

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If you are new to playing PC games, there are many different guides available online that will help you get started. There is also a great forum on that is full of helpful information.

Can you play Xbox one games with Xbox 360 controller?

Many Xbox one games support the use of an Xbox 360 controller, and some games even support the use of a dualShock 3 controller. So if you have an Xbox 360 controller lying around, you can probably plug it into your Xbox One and play your games.

However, there are a few limitations to consider. First, some games may not support the use of an Xbox 360 controller. Second, some games may not support the use of a dualShock 3 controller. Finally, some games may not support either type of controller.

So if you want to play certain games using your old controllers, be sure to check the game’s compatibility first. And if you’re looking for a specific controller that isn’t supported by a particular game, be sure to look for an unofficial controller mod that can allow you to use that controller with that game.

Can you use an Xbox 360 controller on steam?

Some people are wondering if they can use an Xbox 360 controller on the Steam version of planetside 2. The answer is yes, but there are a few caveats.

First, you will need to make sure that your Xbox 360 controller is set to the correct input mode. On the controller, press the Guide button and select Settings. Under “General,” make sure “Controller Type” is set to Xbox 360 Controller.

Second, you will need to adjust your Steam settings in order to allow games to use the Xbox 360 controller. Open Steam and click on Games in the main menu. Under “Library,” select your game and click on Properties. On the General tab, under “Hardware,” make sure “Xbox 360 Controller” is enabled.

Finally, you will need to adjust your aiming sensitivity. To do this, open planetside 2 and start a mission. After the loading screen has faded, press and hold down the left bumper on your controller while moving the right stick around until the aiming sensitivity appears next to it. Click on the adjustment icon and make your adjustments.

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Will PlanetSide 2 come to Xbox?

PlanetSide 2 is a huge hit on PC and PS4, with some of the most dedicated players in the world. However, there are many people who are missing out because they don’t have a controller that can support the game.

There has been some speculation that PlanetSide 2 may come to Xbox One, as the game supports both keyboard and mouse controls, as well as Xbox controllers. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

If PlanetSide 2 does come to Xbox One, it would be a great way for new players to get into the game without having to invest in a whole new set of hardware. Additionally, it would give console gamers another great option for online gaming.

Is PlanetSide 2 Cross play?

PlanetSide 2 is a massively multiplayer online game that allows players to fight in huge, open-world battles across the galaxy. The game is based on the PlanetSide series of tactical first-person shooter games, which are popular in North America and Europe.

PlanetSide 2 is compatible with a number of different controllers, including Xbox controllers. However, some players have reported that they cannot play the game using their Xbox controllers. This is likely due to the fact that PlanetSide 2 was not designed with cross play in mind.

PlanetSide 2 was designed as a single player experience that can be played on a computer or console. Therefore, it was not designed with cross play in mind. This means that players who want to use their Xbox controllers will need to use different methods to join other players in co-operative missions or battles.

How large is PlanetSide 2?

PlanetSide 2 is a massive open world game that can be played with a controller or keyboard and mouse. The game is approximately 362 MB, so it should not be too difficult to download and install on your computer.

If you are playing the game with a controller, it is best to use an Xbox 360 controller. If you are using a keyboard and mouse, we recommend using the WASD keys to move around the map and the left and right arrow keys to move your character.

Do I need PlayStation Plus to play PlanetSide 2?

Do you need PlayStation Plus to play PlanetSide 2?

There is no definitive answer to this question since PlayStation Plus membership varies from country to country and sometimes within a country. However, in general, it is usually necessary to have PlayStation Plus in order to play online games on PS4.

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PlanetSide 2 is an online action game that takes place in the future, where players fight as part of a faction to control valuable resources on different planets. The game requires an online connection in order to play, which is why it is important to have PlayStation Plus if you want to experience all of the game’s features.

You don’t need PlayStation Plus if you just want to play the singleplayer campaign or skirmish modes. However, if you want to participate in large-scale battles involving hundreds of players, then you will need PlayStation Plus.

What games support Xbox 360 controller on PC?

Many games that were released for the Xbox 360 support the Xbox 360 controller on PC. This includes games like Battlefield 3, Halo 4, and Titanfall. Some games, such as Forza Horizon 2, do not support the controller because they were designed specifically for the Xbox One.

If you have an Xbox 360 controller, you can use it with most PC games that were released after the game console was discontinued in 2013. However, some older games may not support the controller or may require different configuration settings.

If you are looking to play a game that was released before 2013 and does not support the controller, you can try using a third-party gaming peripheral such as a gamepad adapter.


Sadly, no – you cannot play planetside 2 with a Xbox 360 controller. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game without using a controller! There are plenty of third-party controllers available that will allow you to play the game just as well, or even better than using an Xbox 360 controller. So if you’re looking for a way to get your hands on planetside 2 but don’t want to invest in an expensive gaming console or gaming peripheral, consider checking out some of the best third-party controllers for PS2 and Xbox 360 gamers out there.

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