Can you have two fitbits on app

Can you have two Fitbit devices on the same app? The answer, unfortunately, is no. Fitbit’s app policies state that users are only allowed to have one device connected to the app at a time. This means that if you have two Fitbits and want them both to be counted for your activity goal, you’ll need to unlink them first and then connect them again.

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Can I have 2 Fitbits on my app?

Yes, you can have two Fitbits on your app. This is possible because the Fitbit app has a feature called “sync”. Sync allows you to keep your data (such as your workouts and heart rate) across all of your devices. So, if you have a Fitbit device and a smartphone, you can sync the data from both devices.

Can I set up 2 Fitbits on one phone?

Yes, you can have two Fitbits on the app. You will just need to set them up on different devices.

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Can I have more than 1 Fitbit on my account?

If you have two Fitbits devices registered to your account, you can use them together. However, you will not be able to see all of the data from the second device. For example, if you have a tracker on your wrist and one on your ankle, the data from the ankle tracker will not be available on the main dashboard.

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Can I add my husbands Fitbit to my app?

There is no official way to add a partner’s Fitbit to an individual’s app, but there are a few unofficial methods. One option is to export the partner’s data from the app and then import it into the individual’s account. Another option is to create a new account for the partner, log into the individual’s account, and add the partner’s data manually.

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Can I set up 2 Fitbits on one email address?

You can set up Fitbits on one email address if you have the Fitbit app installed on your phone. To do this, open the app and sign in. Then, select your account and click on “Add a Device.”

If you don’t have the app installed on your phone, you can still set up Fitbits on one email address. First, create an account on Once you have created your account, click on “My Account” and then on “Activities.” Under “Active Activities,” find “Fitbit (version)” and click on it. Finally, under “Settings,” find “Password & Security” and enter your password.

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How do I add a new Fitbit to my account?

If you’re looking to add a new Fitbit to your account, you can do so in just a few simple steps. 1. Open the Fitbit app on your phone. 2. Tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen. 3. Select Settings 4. Scroll down to Accounts and tap on Add Account 5. Enter your email address and password (if you’ve set them up) and then tap on Next 6. Tap on My Fitbit 7. Locate the Fitbit you want to add to your account and select it 8. On the next screen, select Join With Fitbit 9. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish Adding Your Device

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How do I add a second Fitbit to my app?

Adding another Fitbit to your app is easy. Here’s how:
1. On the main screen of the Fitbit app, select My Fitbit Account.
2. In the My Fitbit Account section, click on the Account Settings icon.
3. Under “Devices”, click on Add a Device.
4. On the Add a Device page, enter your account details and click Next.
5. Select the device you want to add the second Fitbit to and click Next.
6. On the confirmation page, click Finish.
7. You’ll now see your new device listed under Devices in the My Fitbit Account section of the app.

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How do I add a new Fitbit device to my iPhone?

Adding a new Fitbit device to your iPhone is easy! Follow these steps:

1. Open the Fitbit app on your iPhone.
2. Tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the app.
3. Under “My devices,” tap on “Add a new device.”
4. Enter your device’s information and tap on “Next.”
5. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your new device to your iPhone.
6. Once connected, you’ll be able to see all of your Fitbit data in the app!

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How do I change from one Fitbit to another?

If you own two Fitbits, you can change devices by going to the Fitbit app and clicking on the three lines in the top right corner of the main screen. You’ll see a list of all your Fitbits and an option to change devices. To switch between devices, click on the device you want to use and then follow the on-screen instructions.

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The answer to this question is yes! You can have two Fitbit trackers on the app. However, only one will be syncing with your account. The other tracker will only be used for counting steps and will not be linked to your account.

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