Can i remove followers on tiktok

TikTok is a social media app that allows you to share short videos with friends. Whether you’re shooting the latest dance move or just trying out a new filter, there’s a good chance your followers will want to see it. But what if you don’t want them following you back?

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Can you remove who follows you on TikTok?

There is no easy way to completely remove followers from your account on TikTok, but there are a few ways you can reduce the number of people following you without having to delete them altogether.

One way to reduce the number of followers on your account is to follow fewer people. Once you have followed a few people who you don’t want following you back, their followers will automatically be removed from your list.

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Another option is to unfollow people who are not following you back. Once you have unfollowed someone, their followers will no longer be counted towards your total number of followers.

If removing followers from your account isn’t an option or if you just want to reduce the number of people following you, consider using a follower limit on your account. This will prevent anyone from following you who isn’t already a follower.

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Why can’t I remove a follower on TikTok?

If you’re having trouble removing a follower from your account on TikTok, there might be a few reasons why.
First, the person might have blocked you on TikTok. If they’ve blocked you, you won’t be able to remove their follower without unblocking them first.
Second, the person might have deleted their account or retired from using TikTok. If they’ve deleted their account, you won’t be able to remove their follower without recovering their account first.
Finally, if the person is following you because they are connected to your account through an indirectollower, removing their follower will also remove the indirect follower.

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How do you clear the following on TikTok?

-How to remove followers on TikTok

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-Can you add followers on TikTok?

How do you quickly delete followers on TikTok?

If you want to quickly remove followers from your account on TikTok, there are a few steps you can take. First, open the app and go to your profile. Next, tap the three lines in the top-right corner of your screen. From here, you’ll be able to see all of your followers. Tap the follower you want to delete and then select “Remove follower.” This will remove them from your account.

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How do you mass delete following on TikTok?

If you want to remove all of your followers on TikTok, there are a few different ways to go about it.

First, you can head to your account settings and select “followers.” Next, you can manually select each follower and click the “unfollow” button.

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Alternatively, you can use one of the following apps: Followa or FollowerLabs. Both apps allow you to remove followers in bulk without having to follow each individual user.

whichever method you choose, be sure to backup your account first in case something goes wrong.

Will people know if you unfollow them on TikTok?

Some people might be wondering if it’s possible to remove followers from their account on TikTok. The answer is yes, but it may cause some suspicion. Removing followers can make you look less popular and could make people question your motives. It’s best to think about why you want to remove followers before doing anything.

What happens when you follow and unfollow on TikTok?

When you follow or unfollow someone on TikTok, that person’s account will be affected. Followers will see a change in their number of followers, and unfollowers will see a decrease in the number of followers they had. This process is automatic for all accounts, so it doesn’t matter how many followers you have or how many people you followed previously.

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How do I unfollow on TikTok without them knowing?

If you want to unfollow someone on TikTok without them knowing, there are a few different ways to do it.

The easiest way is to go to their profile and click the three lines in the top left corner. From here, you can click on “Following” in the list on the right and uncheck the box next to their name. This will unfollow them without them knowing, but make sure you do it quickly before they see it!

If you don’t want to bother with all of that, there is also an app called Unfollow. It’s available for both Android and iOS and it’s really easy to use. Once you have downloaded the app, open it up and sign in. Next, find the person you want to unfollow and tap on their name. From here, you can select “Unfollow” from the list of options. Again, be sure to do this quickly before they notice!

Why when I follow someone on TikTok it Unfollows?

TikTok is a social media platform where users can share videos and photos. As with most social media platforms, there are some users who post inappropriate content or follow others solely for the purpose of harassment. If you are experiencing this issue, there are a few things you can do to try and rectify the situation.

First, if you feel that someone is following you purely out of malice, you can block that user from following you back on TikTok. You can do this by going to your profile page and selecting the “Blocked” tab. From here, you can select the user who you want to block and hit the “Block” button.

If blocking the user does not work, or if you feel that the person is following you in good faith and just wants to be friends, then it may be best to unfollow them. To do this, go to your profile page and select the “Following” tab. Here, under the name of the user who you want to unfollow, you will see a drop-down menu labeled “Unfollow.” Select this option and hit the “Unfollow” button.

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Is there a way to unfollow everyone on TikTok quickly?

There is no easy way to remove followers from TikTok, but there are a few methods you can try.


Sadly, the answer to this question is a little more complicated than just “yes.” Followers can be removed from TikTok videos on both Android and iOS devices, but there are a few caveats that you should know about first. For example, followers can’t be completely deleted; instead, they’ll simply stop being shown in the follower count for that particular video. Additionally, if you delete a follower on an Android device, they will still appear in your list of followers on other apps that use the same Google account (such as Gmail and YouTube). Finally, deleting a follower on an iOS device will also remove them from any other videos they’ve been following on that account. So while removing followers may seem like a quick solution to fixing an embarrassing mistake, it’s important to be aware of the potential consequences before taking action.

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