Can i delete windows live

If you’re like most people, you use Windows Live for a variety of tasks – keeping your contacts, managing your calendar and email, and more. But what if you want to delete Windows Live? Well, depending on how active it has been in your life, it might not be as easy as you think. In this article, we’ll show you how to delete Windows Live manually and remove all traces of it from your computer.

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Should I Uninstall Windows Live?

There are pros and cons to uninstalling Windows Live. On the plus side, if you don’t need it, deleting it can free up storage on your computer. And if you’re having trouble with it, deleting Windows Live can fix some common problems.

However, uninstalling Windows Live also removes important features from your computer. For example, you might not be able to access your online messages or contacts if you uninstall Windows Live. You also lose any updates or new features that Microsoft releases for Windows Live.

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If you’re not sure whether you need or want Windows Live, you can keep it installed but disable some of its features. For example, you can disable the Mail and Calendar applications, which will stop them from syncing with your other devices.

Can I delete Windows Live Mail?

Windows Live Mail is a popular email program that is included with Windows. It can be a great way to stay organized and keep track of your email, appointments, and contacts. However, it can also be a burden to keep up with. If you don’t use Windows Live Mail, you can delete it to free up space on your computer.

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What is Windows Live used for?

Windows Live is a suite of applications that allow users to connect with friends and family, stay up-to-date with their favorite news and sports, and share photos and videos.

Will uninstalling Windows Live Mail delete emails?

Windows Live Mail is a mail service that comes pre-installed on Windows Vista and Windows 7. It’s also available as a subscription service. If you no longer need Windows Live Mail, you can uninstall it. However, if you have email messages in your mailbox that were sent with Windows Live Mail, those emails will be deleted when you uninstall Windows Live Mail.

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How do I free up space on Windows Live Mail?

Windows Live Mail is a free email program that comes with Microsoft Windows. It can be used to send and receive emails, keep track of your contacts, and manage your calendars. Windows Live Mail can be quite bulky, especially if you have a lot of emails and contacts. It can be difficult to find space to store new emails or contacts. You may want to delete old emails or contact files that you no longer need. Here are some tips on how to free up space on Windows Live Mail:

1. Delete old emails: You can use the “Deleted Items” feature in Windows Live Mail to delete old emails. This will remove them from your mailbox and free up space. If you want to keep a copy of an email, you can copy it to a text file before deleting it from your mailbox.

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2. Clear out your inbox: You can use the “Inbox Zero” feature in Windows Live Mail to clear out your inbox. This will remove all the messages in your inbox, so you won’t have to search through them to find the ones you want to keep. This is a good way to free up space if you know that you won’t need any of the messages in your

Do I need Windows Live Messenger?

Windows Live Messenger is one of the most popular messaging platforms available on the internet. It’s a great way to stay connected with friends and family, and it’s free to use. However, if you don’t need it anymore, you can delete Windows Live Messenger from your computer.

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How do I delete a Windows Live account?

If you’d like to remove your account from Windows Live, follow these steps:

1. Open the Windows Live account settings by clicking the cog icon in the upper right corner of the window and selecting Settings.
2. In the left column, select Accounts. In the middle column, select your desired account and click Delete.
3. Confirm that you want to delete the account by clicking Yes.
4. Restart your computer if prompted to do so.

How do I cancel my Live email account?

If you want to cancel your Windows Live account, there are a few ways to go about it. You can cancel your account through the website, by phone, or by using the email client.

To cancel your Windows Live account through the website: Go to and click on the “Sign In” button in the top right corner of the page. On the next page, click on the “Cancel My Account” link in the left column under “My Account.” Enter your login information, and then click on the “Cancel My Account” button.

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To cancel your Windows Live account by phone: Call 1-800-LIVE-USA (1-800-543-8283). When you reach a customer service representative, ask them to cancel your account.

To cancel your Windows Live account by using the email client: Log into your email account, and open your inbox. Click on the icon that looks like an envelope with a blue arrow inside it in the top right corner of your screen. On the next page, click on the “Inbox” link in the left column under “Mail


Windows Live is an online service that allows users to stay connected with friends and family. Although it is convenient, some users may want to delete it in order to free up space on their computer.

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