Best Weapons in Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six: Siege is one of the most popular games on the market right now. And, with good reason – it’s an incredibly well-made shooter that provides intense action and incredible teamwork. One of the best aspects of Rainbow Six: Siege is its arsenal – there are tonnes of weapons available to players, each with its own unique capabilities. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best weapons in Rainbow Six: Extraction and how to use them effectively. ###

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What are Rainbow Six Extraction Weapons?

Rainbow Six Siege introduces a brand new game mode called Extraction. In this mode, players must team up and rescue hostages from hostage takers in different locations around the map. The extraction weapons in Rainbow Six Siege play an important role in achieving success in this mode. Here are three of the best weapons for Extraction:

The M4A1-S is the most popular assault rifle in the game and is perfect for taking down enemies at close range. It has high accuracy and damage, making it an ideal weapon for assaults and rescue missions.

The Akimbo SMGs are perfect for close quarters combat. They have high rate of fire and can easily take down multiple enemies at once. They’re also very accurate, so you won’t miss your shot even if you’re under pressure.

The MP7A1 is a versatile weapon that can be used to take down opponents from afar or up close. Its high rate of fire makes it perfect for taking down large numbers of enemies, while its accuracy ensures that you’ll hit your target every time.

How to use weapons in Rainbow Six Extraction

In Rainbow Six Extraction, the use of weapons is essential for clearing out enemy operatives. Here are five tips on how to effectively use your firearms in the game:

1. Always take into account your opponent’s position. If you know where they are, you can aim for their head or torso to inflict maximum damage.

2. Don’t rely on your weapon’s firepower alone; use proper tactics when using your firearms. For example, if an enemy is barricaded inside a room and you have no other way of taking them down, try throwing a grenade into the room to create a distraction and then fire off some rounds at close range.

3. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when entering high-risk areas such as hostage situations or terrorist strongholds. Stay alert for hidden enemies and explosives, and make sure you take cover when necessary to avoid getting killed outright by an ambush.

4. When reloading your firearm, be sure to time it properly so that you don’t waste precious ammunition (or get caught in the crossfire). Also, be careful not to let enemies flank you while reloading – keep yourself as protected as possible by taking cover or lying in wait until the coast is clear.

5. Always remember that firearms aren’t foolproof – even elite operators like John Price can be taken down with just a few well-placed shots from an unsuspecting foe. So always stay aware of your surroundings and use sound tactics when

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Best weapons for Rainbow Six Extraction

Many different firearms and weapon types can be used in Rainbow Six Siege, but which are the best for each situation? In this article, we will rank the best weapons for each situation and give a brief overview of why they are good choices.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are one of the most versatile weapons in the game and can be used for a variety of purposes. They are perfect for destruction-focused operators as they have a high rate of fire and plenty of damage output. The M4A1 is a great choice for beginners as it has low recoil and decent accuracy. Operators looking to take down multiple enemies at once should consider using the SCAR-H or AK-47, both of which have high fire rates and large magazines.


Pistols are another great option for destruction-focused operators. They have low recoil and high accuracy, making them ideal for taking down enemies from long distances. The Glock 17 is an excellent starting pistol as it has good range and accuracy. More experienced players may want to try out the M1911 or SIG SAUER P220, which have higher fire rates but less accuracy. Finally, operatives who need to take down multiple enemies quickly should consider using the ARX160 or SR9c pistol, which both have fast reload times and high damage outputs.

What is the best gun in Rainbow Six Extraction?

If you’re looking for the best gun in Rainbow Six: Extraction, you’ll likely want to consider a shotgun. Shotguns are versatile weapons that can take out enemies from a long distance, and they’re also effective against barricades and other objects. If you’re looking for an even more powerful weapon, you can try out a sniper rifle. Snipers are perfect for taking down enemies from far away, and they also can take out several enemies at once with one shot.

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Is Rainbow Six Extraction a good solo?

As a solo player, it is important to have the right weapon for the job. In Rainbow Six Extraction, the best weapons are custom firearms. These weapons can be customized to fit your playstyle and provide an advantage over your opponents.

One of the best custom firearms in Rainbow Six Extraction is the MP7A1. This weapon has a high fire rate and accurate shots, making it great for close-quarters combat. Additionally, the MP7A1 has a large magazine size that allows you to stay engaged in prolonged engagements.

If you are looking for a powerful long-range weapon, the sniper rifle is a great option. The Barrett M82A1 provides excellent accuracy and damage at a long distance. Furthermore, this rifle has a low fire rate which makes it ideal for taking down enemy players from far away.

Are shotguns good in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Shotguns are incredibly powerful weapons in Rainbow Six Extraction, and can easily take down most enemies. However, shotguns have a few drawbacks that make them less effective against specific enemies or in specific situations.

First, shotguns are best used against enemies that are close to the player. This is because shotgun pellets travel relatively short distances, and will not travel very far through walls or other obstacles. Against enemies that are further away, a rifle or assault rifle may be more effective.

Second, shotguns are less effective against armored enemies. Shotgun pellets will barely penetrate an enemy’s armor, and will not do as much damage as bullets fired from a rifle or assault rifle. Instead, try using a sniper weapon to take down armored enemies from long distances.

Overall, shotguns are an extremely powerful weapon in Rainbow Six Extraction but should be used with caution against specific enemies and in specific situations.

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How do you beat extraction in Rainbow Six?

One of the most important aspects of Rainbow Six Siege is extraction, which is the process of getting teams out of dangerous situations. There are various ways to extract teams, but one of the most effective methods is using a weapon that can stun or damage enemies.

The following are five weapons that are perfect for extracting teams:

1. HAWK-40: The HAWK-40 is a powerful precision assault rifle that can stun enemies. This weapon is perfect for taking down enemy defenders who are blocking your team’s escape route.

2. G36C: The G36C is another powerful assault rifle that can stun enemies. This weapon is great for taking down enemy defenders who are blocking your team’s escape route.

3. SCAR-L: The SCAR-L is a versatile rifle that can deal damage and stun enemies. This weapon is ideal for taking down enemy defenders who are guarding critical points on the map.

4. M416: The M416 is a standard-issue infantry rifle in Rainbow Six Siege and it can deal damage and stun enemies. This weapon is perfect for taking down enemies who are preventing your team from leaving the map safely.

5. PDW2000: The PDW2000 is a lightweight submachine gun that can deal with damage and stun enemies. This weapon is great for taking down enemy defenders who are blocking your team’s escape route or objectives on the map


In this Rainbow Six Extraction guide, we will be discussing the best weapons in the game for various situations. We will start with the SMGs and work our way up to the most powerful assault rifles. Keep in mind that these are not necessarily the only weapons that are useful in every situation, so feel free to experiment with different options depending on your playstyle. ###

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