Best 8 Tarot Card Apps for Android

It is always fascinating to know about ourselves and our future from some external source and especially if the information that comes out seems so true and relatable. The best way to know about your future is Horoscope and Tarot Reading but that does not mean you have to seek an astrologer every time you want to know something. In this article, you will find the Best 8 Tarot Card Apps for Android that will tell you about your future and guide you regarding every area of your life. So when you have the phone in your hand you can turn it into your personal astrologer.

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Do check out the apps given below and download the one that suits your needs the best.

1. Tarot Card Reading & Horoscope

The Tarot Card Reading & Horoscope – A Astrology Guide App is a 4.9 stars rated app. It is one of the popular app among the Tarot reading apps. It contains a deck of 78 cards which are divided two parts that represents different aspects of life and helps you know your future. Check out the other features of the app given below:

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  • Daily Horoscope
  • Cards Interpretations
  • Know about your Finance, career and love life
  • Yes No Tarot
  • Its for all zodiac signs
  • The app is free
  • Contains ads

2. Tarot Card Magic

With the help of Tarot Card Magic – Physic Readings Spiritual app get to know your future. Daily, weekly or monthly- your choice. You can even use yes or no oracle for quick answer if you don’t want to read paragraphs. This app uses Cartomancy to predict your future and help you divine your future with its esoteric powers.

  • Card of the day
  • Know about your past, present and future
  • Get advice regarding a lot of areas in your life
  • Learn about each card and its meaning
  • Three types of deck: Tarot, Lenormand and Playing cards
  • Gain insights about your future
  • The app is free to use
  • Contains ads

3. Free Tarot Reading

One of the best app among the Tarot Reading apps is Free Tarot Reading- Open Your Own Tarot Cards App is a straight 5 stars rated app by the users around the world. The app provides you daily tarot and online tarot reading and lets you unravel your fate. Get all the answers to your question with just this app! Check out the features given below

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  • Daily Tarot Reading
  • Additional Tarot decks
  • Tarot readers list
  • Accurate Yes/No tarot reading
  • Expert Tarot Card Reading
  • Live spiritual tarot advisors
  • Talk with a Tarot card reader
  • The app is free
  • Contains ads

4. Tarot Card Reading

The Tarot Card Reading app makes the tarot reading effortless with a rating of 4.7 stars by users all over the world. Learn to interpret and read the cards. Check out the app’s features in the list given below for more information.

  • Start your day with The Card of the Day
  • Three Card Tarot Reading
  • Yes/No Tarot
  • Get daily horoscope
  • Complete Ryder Waite Tarot Deck
  • Know about your work, health, and love life
  • Common Tarot Spread
  • Upright and Reverse reading
  • The app is simple and easy to use
  • Contains ads

5. Tarot Reading Free – Horoscope 2020

This is one of the best free Tarot Reading App that one must have in their mobile phones. The Tarot Reading Free – Horoscope 2020 app helps you understand your past, present and gain insight about your future too! Also you get your daily, weekly and monthly horoscope for free. Check out the other feature in the list below

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  • Peace of mind tarot reading
  • Get the insights of your career, finance, love life, health, etc
  • There are 56 minor arcana cards and 22 major arcana cards
  • The app is totally free
  • Contains ads
Download Tarot Reading Free App

6. Tarot Spreads – Online Tarot Card Reading

The app is rated 4.9 stars by the users. The app is almost like the other apps mentioned above but what’s different is that- you can get answers to all your questions by speaking to an expert tarot reader. Get the guidance and advice related to your life.

  • Free Daily Tarot Reading
  • Get additional 3 Tarot Cards
  • Get an accurate Yes/No
  • Internet is required
  • The app is free to use

7. Tarot Reading

The Tarot Reading app is one of the highly-rated apps among the Tarot reading and Horoscope apps. Get to know all about your different life areas and clear all your doubts and confusion. The app consists of a modern tarot deck which have 22 major Arcana and 56 minor Arcana, all represent the things that govern your day-to-day life.

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  • The app is based on Rider Waite Tarot Deck
  • Card of the Day
  • Card interpretations
  • Love, finance, career and health reading
  • Yes/No tarot
  • Upright and reverse tarot reading
  • The app is free to use
  • Contains ads

8. Tarot Card Reading

This Tarot Card Reading app is developed by AstrologersMasters and is rated 4.8 stars by users all over the world. If you want, you can do a random tarot reading with one card as well. The app also gives you a deeper understanding of your problems and guides you towards the right path.

  • Card of the Day
  • Daily Horoscope
  • Yes No Reading
  • Tarot card meaning
  • Common tarot spread
  • Contains ads

These were the apps that you must check out if you are looking for Tarot reading or horoscope. We hope you find this article helpful. Thanks for visiting the page!

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