Best 8 Boxing Training Apps for Android and iOS

We all have been told that being strong physically and mentally is one of the precious things for a human being and, to be honest nobody can disagree with this statement. There are many practices out there for mind and body which a person can try. Meditation is for the mind, Yoga is for mind, soul, and strength. Then there are weight lifting, karate, boxing, kickboxing, gymnastics and so many more practices for a healthy body. Boxing is one of the most popular training that a lot of us look forward to in order to have an active and fit body and a focused mind too! But in today’s world, a lot of people don’t seem to get the time to go out to the gym, find a trainer. looks like a lot of work in an already busy life. But no more worries now. In this article, you will discover the best 8 Boxing Training Apps for Android and iOS that will help you spend less time on finding a trainer, spend money, and pay more attention to your training on your own!

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1. Punching Bag Workouts for Boxing and Kickboxing

This is one of the must-have apps for those who are looking forward to starting their boxing training. It’s a follow-along guide app that will always keep you motivated for your practice. If you are good with the basics then go ahead to learn more advanced skills here.

  • Easy to use
  • Workouts are categorized
  • choose from techniques, drills, HIIT, etc
  • Also suitable for practitioners of martial arts
  • App Availability: The app has two versions – free and premium. It is available for android users and iOS users.

2. PunchLab: Boxing workouts

If you are who prefer a more guided and precise, to the point audio instruction while working out then check this app out. This app lets you decide whether you want to set your own timer or train with the default timer setting.

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  • It has a punch meter.
  • You can choose among Martial Arts and Combat Sports.
  • Combo Audio Workout Available
  • App Availability: Available on Android as well as iOS

3. Boxhiit – Boxing/Kickboxing workouts and more

This app is an all rounder which a lot of you might have guessed from its name. This app is an high-intensity interval training app that combines kickboxing, boxing and strength training with your own body weight in one workout. You can burn more fat with this app’s training and get into shape faster.

  • It has 200 high intense workouts
  • You get access to your Activity History
  • Pick Random Workouts
  • App Availability: In-app purchases available. The app is available for Android and iOS users

4. Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

This app is another best app for your boxing training. You can train here in a fun way where you get to earn the point and get motivated. This app also makes you meet the community where you can discover more new training methods.

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  • Book in-studio classes
  • Pre-made workouts
  • Personalized training plans
  • App Availability: The app is available for both Android and iOS users.
Download for Android
Download for iOS

5. Dodge Boxing

This is developed by Alejandro Vicario which will help you improve reflexes and increase your resistance in you intense boxing workout trainings.

  • Create your own level of workouts
  • Track your progress
  • You can also set up a sound stimulus
  • App Availability: The app is available for both Android and iOS users.
Download for iOS

6. Boxx: Workouts and Fitness Plans

The app is developed by Boxx London Ltd. It is one of the best home workout plans. You can get the free fitness classes including Boxing, Cardio, Yoga and Strength. You get access to the best UK trainers who will keep motivated and engaged throughout the workout.

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  • Pick a class to suit your form
  • They have quick effective workouts
  • Bodyweight and resistance training classes
  • Variety of yoga styles to pick
  • App Availability: In-app purchases. App Available on Android as well as iOS

7. Precision Boxing Coach Supreme

With the help of this app you will have a couch who will guide you throughout the workout. There is everything that a fighter needs including all the punches, defense, ducks, slips and body shots.

  • Built combination sequences
  • Different levels of intensity and mode
  • The app has How-to videos
  • You can set the round lengths and rest breaks
  • App Availability: The app is available for Android and iOS users

8. Kickboxing – Fitness and Self Defense

This app is developed by Takalogy Fitness. There are a lot of fun and amazing workouts that helps you get better at your balance and make you burn calories, if you are trying to lose weight. The app provides you fast pace and new movements cardio workouts.

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  • 10 to 30 min total body workout per day
  • 3D models with HD videos
  • Tracks calories burn per day
  • App Availability: In-app purchases available. The app is available for both- Android and iOS -users.

Hope this article helped you finding the most appropriate app according to your plans and workout. Remember that to see the results you need to have healthy diet as well along with workouts and training. Take rest days too!

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