5 Apps That Write Essays for You Online

Writing is a skill you need to pass many high schools, college, and university courses. However, it is a competency that cannot be mastered by several, especially when it is considered that there is lots of hard work that comes with being able to craft the best papers. Therefore, it’s not a surprise to see that even the best writers are unable to keep up with the pressure and need help from others. Sometimes you might need assistance because you don’t have enough time to work on all your school essays, or perhaps you did not understand the topic well.

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Another issue that comes up when it comes to writing academic papers is plagiarism. It is a significant concern and may get you kicked out of school. Instead of paying hefty fees to paper writing services, use the free apps that write essays for you and score an A+ without putting in much effort. We’ve compiled the five best apps that will write essays for you.

Top Apps That Write Essays for You Free

There are several categories of applications that can help you with essays. Some apps can write the complete tasks from scratch, while others help boost productivity. However, this article will focus on the apps that can write essays for you.

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1. Essay AI Lab

Essay AI Lab is an AI-based web application that crawls the internet for relevant information and compiles it into an essay. All you have to do is provide the guiding title and the assignment prompt, then wait for your paper.

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Essay AI Lab’s writing process has been made easier because you can choose from various paragraphs as the progression continues. Additionally, it presents you with an original paper, fully compliant with the grammar rules, with all the sources cited using your preferred format. Thus, it might be your best bet if you are looking for a fast and convenient essay-writing application.

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2. My Assignment Help

My Assignment Help Essay Typer works similarly to Essay AI Lab. However, it has extra benefits, such as reaching out to an essay expert when you’re stuck. Furthermore, the application allows you to choose each paragraph for your essay, leading to the generation of an original quality paper. An additional advantage of this essay typer is its convenience. You can access the services from whichever device you have, from android phones to iOS phones, laptops, and desktop computers. As a result, you have no excuse since it is implausible that one can’t access any of these electronic gadgets.

3. Paper Typer

Paper Typer is another AI-based writing tool. It allows you to feed into the topic of the essay, and it will generate a complete and well-structured essay paper. Additionally, the application gives you access to some of the most detailed grammar and plagiarism reports. As a result, it comes out as one of the best tools for students, especially if you are not conversant with the citation styles.

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Despite being one of the fastest online essay writing applications, papers from the site require some minor edits to eliminate cases of plagiarism. Further, it might be misleading when tackling very complex topics, making it ideal for the easier and most common essay assignments.

4. AI Writer

AI Writer is a complete AI essay writer. It is pretty easy to use as all you have to do is write the title or headline, signup, and access the paper, complete with the relevant citations. The application has up to a 2-minute turnaround time, which makes it one of the fastest essay-writing apps on the internet. However, reviewers say the application will likely use non-academic sources while writing, calling for your input to ensure the paper complies with all the academic standards.

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5. Jasper

Jasper is an AI writing tool capable of writing essays for you. The application’s word editor allows you to start your paragraphs and accept the suggestions being made by the smart algorithm. It also presents you with an opportunity to set the paper’s tone and any keywords you might want to include. Based on this feature, Jasper is the best tool for publishing academic works online.

Many implements can fulfill the same purpose as those listed above. However, we have tried to present you with five of the best tools to make the search easier for you. However, the list contains some paid tools. If you are looking for free apps that write essays for you, then you can refer to the following list:

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  • Essay AI Lab
  • My Assignment Help Essay Typer
  • Paper Typer (free for students only)

Online Websites That Write Papers for You

Even though the free apps might be helpful, there comes the point where you need more customized assignments, especially when you are working on research papers. At this point, you can seek help from online essay writing services. The best option would be CustomWritings professional writing service to buy essays online. The company has expert writers who can write quality academic papers from scratch. An advantage of using this website is that it offers custom papers at a cheap price, with experts fully available to provide assistance throughout the day. Thus, if you want your paper done by a real expert, you have a choice

Benefits of Writing Essays

Essay writing has been part of academics for a long time. However, most students seem to see it as a punishment. Perhaps you might want to know some of the benefits of essay writing. These include:

  1. You learn how to formulate and depend on personal arguments.
  2. Essays allow free thinking and unlimited expression of ideas which can be handy in developing communication skills.
  3. Essay writing gives you a chance to sharpen your inscription skills.
  4. Opportunity to receive feedback from the teachers in other experts.
  5. Opportunity to gauge your understanding of the concepts being taught in class.
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Even though you might choose to use free essay writing applications and websites, you must invest some time in reading the paper to understand the flow of ideas and be able to develop personal arguments.

Summing Up

In sum, essay writing is one of the most engaging activities in academia, especially when it is considered that it holds much weight, including the possibility of expulsion should you be caught submitting plagiarized assignments. Due to this, it is always important that, as a student, you invest your time in research to avoid falling victim. Luckily, technology has made life easier. Therefore, you don’t have to struggle with all the work; you can outsource it to online writing services or use some of the apps mentioned in this article.

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