8 Amazing Rap Apps For Android

Rap is one of the trending and fun genres in the music industry. There people who love doing raps and have a great collection of their own. If you are someone who loves rap and want to make your own rap or want to try how you sound when you rap then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will be provided with 8 Amazing Raps Apps For Android that will make it easy for you to record rap and listen to how you sound and do a lot of experiments while making a rap that you always wished to create.

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1. Rap Fame – Rap Music Studio

The Rap Fame – Rap Music Studio With Beats and Vocal FX Apps is developed by Rap Tech Studios and is rated 4.3 stars by users all over the world. The app lets you rap, Sing, and shares your records with whoever you want. The app is one of the highly-rated apps among the rapping apps.

  • Discover new tracks
  • Get welcome in the rap community
  • Choose or create a beat
  • Collab with other rappers
  • Share your tracks on the social platform
  • Vocal sound effects available
  • In-app purchases available

2. AutoRap by Smule

The AutoRap by Smule: Record Rap Songs and Videos W/FX Apps is one of the best app ones can have for the love of Rap music. This app is developed by Smule and rated 3.9 stars by the users. You can record yourself, create your own rap, rhythm and beats or you can sing one of your favorite rapper’s songs in your own voice and play around with features provided by the app.

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  • Amazing Audio and Video effects
  • Choose from over 5000 beats
  • Share your rap on social media
  • Get to know thousands of rappers
  • Do the Remix
  • Create and recreate rhythm and beats
  • Contains Ads
  • In-app purchases available

3. BattleMe App

The App BattleMe – Rap Battle Arena And Recording Studio is developed by the Rap Tech Studios and is rated 4.5 stars by rappers around the world. Ever imagined yourself doing a rap battled? If yes, then this app makes you live your dream. Record yourself, create video rap, and battle rap with anyone you want.

  • Choose how you want to battle
  • Choose with who you want to battle
  • Record your freestyle rap verses
  • Chat with rappers
  • Let the public decide who wins
  • In-app purchases available

4. Rapchat App

The App Rapchat Record Music; Beats; Auto Voice Tune App is developed by Rapchat and is rated 4.4 stars by users all over the world. The app is very easy to use and connects you with millions of people. If you are someone who is serious about a music career then surely check out this app!

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  • Record with vocal effects
  • More than 1 lakh free instrumentals and beats
  • Share your music video on any social platform
  • Win challenges and get prizes
  • Notepad to write your lyrics
  • Contains Ads
  • In-app purchases available

5. Rap Maker

The Rap Maker app is developed by Mixvibes and is rated 4.0 stars by users around the world. The app allows you to record your song with a lot of different and high-quality beats. The app has many features which are given in the list below

  • Record your voice and share with friends
  • You can mix your tracks
  • Create as many track as you want
  • Auto Voice tune and FX
  • In-app purchases available

6. Rap Room

The Rap Room app is developed by Jubee and is rated 4.4 stars by users all over the world. The app is very easy to use and you can record your rap in your voice and listen to how it sounds and modify.

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  • Record your rap with beats
  • Post on the app for others to see
  • No login or registration required
  • Contains ads
  • In-app purchase available
Download Rap Room App

7. Rap Beat Maker

The Rap Beat Maker-Music Recording Studio App is developed by Nityaswarup Livewallpaper and is rated 3.7 stars by users. The app allows you to record your audio with amazing beats and save it on your phone.

  • High-quality beats
  • Share with everyone on social media
  • Vocal sound effect
  • Trim audio
  • Mix you tracks
  • Contains Ads

8. Rap Music Maker

The app Rap Music Maker: Rap Beats Music Recording Studio is developed by Fancy Font For U and is rated 3.5 stars by users around the world. Choose the beat and record your rap and see how it turns out!

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  • Mix your track
  • write the lyrics of your songs
  • Apply Auto vocal tune effect
  • Share your rap with your friends
  • The app is free to use
  • Contains ads

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