8 Amazing Music Identifier Apps for Android

Loving a music/song and then forgetting its name, artist or lyrics is one of the most annoying things to happen. It just ruins the whole mood. No person seems to understand which song you are looking for and keeping your trouble in mind this article is written for you. In this article, you will find the 8 Amazing Music Identifier Apps for Android which will definitely help you out in finding the song you are looking for without any trouble. Check out the apps given below, install the one app that suits your needs, and directly download from the links given.

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1. Song Detector

With help of this app you can find the music or song you are searching among the millions of songs. The app is developed by SweetrSoft. This app provides the result as quickly as possible and detects the music with the help of some audio then be it on radio or any other music arrangements.

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  • Save each and every identified song on history
  • Listen the identified song on Spotify or YouTube
  • Contains ads
  • App is free to use

2. MusicID

The app MusicID helps you identify the music around you. No need to put pressure on your brain later. The app is developed by Gravity Mobile, Inc. You can identify the song or music even in the crowd, not only the song but you can even find similar songs from the same artist that you might love too!

  • Identify the song as quick as possible
  • Get biographical data of the artist
  • Get to know more songs from the same artist
  • The app is free

3. SoundHound Music Search and Play

This app searches the songs you are looking for with simple steps. If you are listening the song and you want to know the song name or artist, open the app, press the button and let SoundHound discover the song you are searching. The app is discovered by SoundHound Inc. and it is easy to use.

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  • Get the lyrics of the song
  • Play the song for free
  • Share your music discoveries on your social media platforms
  • The app is free
  • Contains ads

4. Music recognition

The app Music recognition is developed by Beatfind Music Recognition and is rated 4.6 stars by users around the world. The app is very easy and simple to use and recognize the music as fast as possible that you want, then listen to the song on Spotify, YouTube, etc.

  • Saves the identified song history
  • Share the song on social media
  • Hypnotic visualizer
  • Flashlight party mode available
  • Contains ads

5. Music IQ

The Music IQ – Music Recognition app is a no-nonsense app developed by Zealnut Cloud Services and is rated 4.6 stars by users. Just tap the button to let the app recognize the music and give you instant results.

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  • The app is easy to understand
  • Tries to give the result as quickly as possible
  • Get the name of the artist along with the song
  • Contains ads

6. Shazam

The Shazam app is one of the popular apps among music identifier apps. The app is developed by Apple, Inc and is rated 4.4 stars by users all over the world. In this app, you can not only discover the song but also the artist, song lyrics, and videos. Share the songs on your social media platforms and have fun listening to the song again and agian.

  • Identify the music in any app
  • Open the songs in Spotify
  • Shazam works offline too!
  • Dark theme available
  • The app is free

7. Music Identifier

The app Music Identifier is developed by Music Recognition App. Music Identifier helps you find out the song you are looking for as fast as possible without any trouble or nonsense.

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  • Discover the song in seconds
  • The app is free to use
  • Upgrade to premium version anytime
  • In-app purchases available

8. Music Detector

The Music Detector is a 4 star rated app that provides you with quick music recognition.

  • Fast and very useful app
  • Saves the song history
  • Find the music quickly
  • In-app purchases available
  • Contains ads

These were the apps that will help you identify the song that is stuck in your head till you feel annoyed for not remembering the song. Find the songs, let the app identify it for you with just few touches on the screen and enjoy the song as much as you want, until you get bored! Hope you find this article helpful. Thanks for visiting the page.

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