7 UI Design Principles That Every Website Should Know

Knowing the guidelines and fundamentals of interface design is crucial whether you’re trying to enhance the look of your product or are new to the industry and want to get the hang of it. 

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Although there is a lot of room for innovation in UI design, some general laws still apply. When creating a digital product, it’s a good idea to keep these UI design concepts in mind to create better user experiences for everyone.

UI has definite, observable effects on business. It’s not just window dressing; focusing on it is essential to a company’s success.

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Making life simple for the user is a common theme among these principles.

Your website’s conversion rate could increase by up to 200% with a well-designed user interface.

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So let’s talk about the fundamental guidelines and guiding principles of a stunning, practical, and user-friendly UI design.

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Consistency in UI design

Consistency fosters familiarity, and intuitively, more useful interfaces are those that are familiar. How annoying would it be to start a car with the throttle on the left and the brake on the right? Alternatively, you might complete a web form with the “Delete” button in green and the “Submit” button in red.

Design a layout that is effective

The core of any screen is frequently referred to as the layout. Some would argue that this is the area in which UI designers truly excel. UI designers will utilise their visual expertise to highlight the crucial elements and persuade users to perform a particular action in order to develop a layout that works.

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While they do gain from contemporary additions, classics are everlasting and always remain in style. Consider the tuxedo or the tiny black cocktail dress; both are mainstays of the fashion world. 

They are understated, sophisticated, and lend the wearer an air of refinement. An interface should be easy to use and stylish.

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Try to avoid mistakes as much as you can

Make the UI as user-friendly as you can by avoiding critical user mistakes.

Therefore, strive to prevent error as much as you can by doing anything from greying out menu items that aren’t accessible to stop users from typing alphabets in fields that ask for phone digits. However, mistakes do occur infrequently. Therefore, if a user makes a mistake, be sure to provide them with both a simple explanation of the mistake and how to fix it.

Reduce Screen Actions and Steps

Streamline procedures so that they can be completed in the fewest stages feasible. There should be a single main emphasis on each screen. For instance, this blog’s goal is for you to read, ideally enjoy, and take something away from it. It’s not to contact a coworker or post it on Twitter.  Maintain the main action’s prominence while moving supporting actions deeper on the page or to give them lower visual weight and appropriate typography.

UI User Feedback should be included

Avoid creating in a vacuum. By receiving user feedback, UI decisions may be tested and validated. Observe how users try to use your design (without coaching them). Are they perplexed? Can they easily produce the intended result? Do this throughout the design phase and after launching, and keep doing so.

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A successful user interface is built on a strong visual hierarchy. It entails placing visual components in a way that clarifies the relative importance of each component and directs users to do the intended action. It is your responsibility as a designer to arrange UI design components so that people may easily navigate around your product.

Wrap Up!

We understand that UI design rules can seem very general. However, that is simply because UI design is in and of itself a vast field with numerous elements to take into account. In order to create a product that is both beautiful and user-friendly, keep all these guidelines in mind as you work on your upcoming user interface design project.