7 Best Apps that will Charge your Phone

You might be wondering how can a phone charge without a cable connection. Well, we are the humans of the 21st generation and have cracked into almost every impossible mystery. Of course, we have become extremely advanced at technology, in this vast developing world and hence we humans have developed apps that will help charge the phones wirelessly or boost battery charging. This article will provide you with 7 Best Apps that will Charge your Phone and you can download them directly by visiting the links given for the apps!

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Given below are the apps that can charge your phone or find you a charging point

1. WestCharge | Wireless Charging

This app is amazing. It will not only power up your smartphones but also headphones and other devices. All you have to do find a suitable Westcharge receiver, plug it into your device that needs to be charged. WestCharge is available almost everywhere.

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  • It has improved UI
  • Exclusive offers available
  • Strictest privacy and safety policies
  • App Availability: Available on Android and iOS
Download for Android

2.Charge Assist

The app is developed by GreenFlux Smart Charging and is one of the easiest app to use. This app provides you the fastest growing selection of chargers available. This app accepts all kind of modern payment methods.

  • Improved UX
  • See charging tariffs
  • Navigate to EV chargers worldwide
  • QR code scan for fast charging
  • App Availability: Available for Android and iOS users

3. Aircharge Qi Wireless Charging

No more worries about forgetting to charge the phone or the charger forgotten at house because Aircharge, developed by PixelBeard, has got you covered in such cases.

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  • The App has 5000+ public hotspot
  • Located in over 55 countries
  • Available in Restaurants, cafe’s, hotels, etc
  • App Availability: iOS and Android users

4. Pod-Point

This app not only lets you search public units and claim a charge but you can also connect your home charge unit and monitor the energy consumed. You are provided with access to energy use.

  • Provides up to date information about the charge-point
  • Easily identify EV Zone locations
  • It has over 1,500 public charge-points
  • Find public charge-points quickly
  • App Availability: The app is available for both- Android and iOS -users

5. Fast Charging – Fast Charge

This is one of the best free app where you can boast the charging speed of your device and not only that but you can even set a notification ringtone, to notify you when the charging is done

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  • Very easy to use
  • Shows basic battery information
  • Shows charging status
  • App Availability: Available for Android users
Download for Android

6. Vector EV Charging

This app will provide you live status of the charger and also you will be able to find a compatible port type for your electrical vehicle.

  • Quick searching of stations
  • Have an amazing interactive map
  • Register and creates a profile
  • User-friendly interface
  • App Availability: Available for Android and iOS users

7. QI Mobile

This app is developed by Adaptica a.s. and is rated 4 stars on Google Play Store. This app will help you find many wireless charge-points situated in different-different locations including coffee shops, hotels, and other public areas.

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  • It is easy to use
  • It is a free app
  • App Availability: The app is available on both- Android and iOS -app stores

These were the apps that will help your device to charge up. Also with the help of this charging apps you can find various charging points just by clicking few buttons! hope this article helped you find a suitable app based on your needs.

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